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How can I improve Cube Tutor?

Looking for any and all suggestions!

2013-05-16 06:13
Currently the site calls an all common cube a "peasant" cube and one with commons and uncommons a "pauper" cube. This is reversed. The pauper format is all-commons. The peasant format allows uncommons. Also, is there a way to change the name of your cube or delete a cube. I know you can reset it, but i want to delete an empty cube i made.
2013-05-16 10:25
Thanks! This will be fixed in the next release. Currently you can't edit the name or delete a cube entirely but this will be supported soon.
2013-05-16 18:11
thanks a lot for your reply. This website is awesome. THanks for the hard work.
2013-05-22 03:34
I'm loving it so far but I would love a way to make a copy of my cube as a duplicate. This would allow me to make updates to that list while keeping my current version in tact. That or an export tool so I can export and re-import my cube.
2013-05-23 17:24
Comparison lists. Perhaps an individual page per card to discuss its merit, depending on how much bandwith you have to burn. The individual pages could be accessed by clicking on a card, then comments descending for people to discuss what they think.
2013-06-01 08:07
It's pretty awesome so far. One thing I noticed is that after saving a draft from someone else's cube, I was unable to return to their cube from that page. Not the biggest deal, but a bit inconvenient. And as Tptn mentioned, card pages for people to discuss a card's merit in Cube would be really cool. You have a great start though, and this is really fun. I'll be bookmarking and returning, probably frequently. Oh, an option under 'Pimp' for 'Signed by Artist' or some shorthand thereof would be nice. Lots of cards in my cube are signed, but I don't want to list them as 'Altered' because I also have altered cards.
2013-06-13 14:23
can we delete posts on the cube's "blog" yet? am i just missing how?
2013-06-13 14:26
Not yet, although it will be coming at some point soon! I just have so much on my plate at the moment, but it is high on the priority list.
2013-06-14 20:51
kk, cool. just wondering. thanks as always for the communication and all the hard work
2013-06-15 20:23
I find it hard to keep a conversation going. I have no way to track where I posted and which posts I've commented on. It would be nice if there was a "recent" box on the home page that represented what YOU'VE commented on.
2013-06-16 02:40
Oh. There is a suggestion thread. I already emailed you Mr. Ben, about sorting the cards by color identity instead of their actual color.
2013-06-16 03:01
Oh also, it would be great if you could sort color-producing lands and artifacts by color identity as well. For example, "Azorius" lands would be things like Calciform Pools and Coastal Tower. A "Jund" land would be Savage Lands or Darigaaz's Caldera. And then just list 4 color (nonexistent) and 5 color (lots of them!) lands in this way too.
2013-06-19 18:17
It seems like you can't add posts to the blog section unless you add/remove/change a card. Not a huge deal but a little inconvenient if I just want to post some thoughts or comments on the cube! It would be nice to have a multicoloured include/exclude option on the card filter. Right now you can't filter for all your multicolored, and they show up in all your coloured queries. Small potatoes but it would also be aesthetically pleasing if the draft option showed the version of the card you've identified for your cube ;) Um finally I'm not sure how the bots work in the draft or what the "draft analysis" graphs represent. Are bots picking at random or based on something? If I draft my cube more does that "teach" the bots how to pick? Does that affect the draft analysis?
2013-06-19 19:09
You can do that if you change the color identity of the card. It'll stop showing up as colorless of course, but that seems a minor problem :) Oh so many good suggestions, and I concur with all of them! I'll be sure to post here when I encounter anything else. Thanks again Ben for a great site!
2013-06-19 21:28
Site search engine! A close friend has an eternal cube (i keep with the pauper side of things, hehe) but I can't find it in the list. Sone kind of quick and simple search function is a must! :) ..Hmm, I'm just realising right now that there is a search function built into firefox aso. So I'm good for now ;) Still warrants a comment though, as a nice future-feature. At least a small search-box would be great for newcomers and idiots like me xD
2013-06-20 01:05
an advanced search function would also be awesome. show me cubes with 450 or fewer cards, Legacy legal, that include Bad Moon and Bloodghast. things like that. it would also be pretty cool to be able to "favorite" cubes.
2013-06-20 08:38
Oooh, favorite cubes is a great suggestion. +1.
2013-06-20 10:30
Yeah, +1 :) Another idea (future-future-feature, but still) is to have ability to, when drafting have a checkbox for "rarities matter" so that pack show a set number of commons, fewer uncommons, and one or few rares. We have a cube like that in the making, but right now the side (quite understandably of course!) doesn't really support it :)
2013-06-20 10:31
that a* pack site* ...and a forum edit-button! Hehe ^^
2013-06-20 17:05
the ability to export cubes other than your own would be nice. it would also be helpful to be able to start with the "average 360" or similar instead of blank slate with a new cube.
2013-06-28 20:13
I'm making a Modern Masters cube, and would love better support for non-singleton cubes. Being able to define rarities if needed, and then have the sample pack functionality construct an appropriate pack from commons/uncommons/rares would be awesome!
2013-06-28 23:07
+1 :) Rarity-definition in draft packs would be great! Great updates now in the latest "patch" as well! The awesomeness grows ;D
2013-06-30 15:54
First of all - thank you for this service. And my feature request - variable number of packs.
2013-07-05 20:30
Perhaps I am just missing the ability to do so, but is there a way to display the version of the card you have picked? For example, (this is the one I have) vs (this one is displayed in visual spoiler)
2013-07-08 18:38
fantastic website. +1 for export functionality. currently the only reason i'm still maintaining my cubelist on deckbox as well is, that i can export a plaintext file of different lists with curl/wget and do local diff to see the differences. so, come to think of it.... +1 for cube comparison like cuesbey started it, but that's likely a little ways off :) thanks again!
2013-07-12 08:00
This is a great service. I would use this qay more if it were more mobile friendly. Keep up the good work!
2013-07-14 23:02
What about way to add the whole of a split card to a section. Instead of having to add Fire//Ice (Fire) and Fire//Ice (Ice) to the Izzet section so it ends up there twice, just being able to add Fire//Ice.
2013-07-15 16:54
I don't seem to be able to uncheck "watched" cards. At least not when I first arrange by watched and then click the checkbox. It says "saving" then the box rechecks itself :/
2013-07-15 21:37
should be fixed now altrus!
2013-07-20 09:43
I wish i could edit or delete forum posts. And that there was a section for notes
2013-07-28 18:16
I wish I could change the name of my saved drafts. I just used the default a lot and now I wish I'd described the decks better in the title.
2013-08-08 15:46
I'd like a list of all the cubes I have subscribed to, so that I can easily go back and check on them.
2013-08-08 16:44
My number one feature request would be to add pick/pass ratio as an option for the filters in the analysis tab, so that I can see which colour combos are being drafted more heavily.
2013-09-22 19:30
Love the site. Couple requests. 1. AI sort my hybrids different then my Golds, so some option for that would be nice. (For example, I consider Tattermunge Maniac a Red OR Green card, not a RG card. On the other hand, due to the commitment, I consider Boggart Ram Gang RG.) 2. A notes section for each card. I might like to remember *why* card X is on the watch list.
2013-09-25 14:27
Grats on the great site ! I would like a kind of 'activity feed' for a specific cube. This is because it is not easy to see new posts in deck discussions, the only way to see them is to open each deck individually.
2013-09-26 10:26
Following up on my post just above, just the number of comments displayed in the deck list (in the "decks" tab) would be nice.
2013-09-28 04:28
are there any plans to support multiple drafters in a single draft so it can be used to run drafts to be played out on mtgo?
2013-10-11 16:42
I'd like to be able to split rarities in boosters. I have a cube based on separating Commons/UnC/Rares/Lands into 9/3/1/2 when making packs, and I'd love to be able to post it here on this great site :D
2013-12-07 14:03
I want to be able to sort my cube in the visual spoiler section in such a way where I see.. - Regular cards that are foil (foil - Promo cards that are foil (foil - Promo cards that are not foil ( but there isn't a way to sort. Cards are either pimped as followed: 1. Promo foil ( 2. Foil (foil 3. Non-Foil ( & ( 4. the rest I am curious if it's possible to make it like.. 1. Promo Non-Foil ( 2. Promo Foil ( 3. Regular Non-Foil (non-foil 4. Regular Foil (foil
2014-05-04 21:35
i really wish i could click people's names and see a profile page. i sometimes want to know if the creator of a cube has other cubes listed but have no idea how to go about it. hopefully i'm just missing something
2014-05-23 00:39
it would also be really nice to be able to search the cube index for words in the name like if i were going to make a tribal or combo cube it would be so convenient to be able to just search for "tribal" or "combo" and see them all
2014-05-24 12:44
Can enchantment creatures be automatically sorted to fall right after creatures in the default visual spoiler view?
2014-07-07 22:22
I would like see how much my cube is worth and a way to search only 360 eternal cubes and some kind of blog about new cards coming out and how they would hold up in a 360,540,720. Also something on the site for new users to help them out with making their first cube and controversial cards like Strip Mine, Umezawa's Jitte Sol Ring and Tinker and why people banded or use them. Also I have been posting what I paid/traded for the new card I put in to my cube so I can look back and compare todays prices.
2014-07-08 13:34
I think the Replace function could use a retooling. As it is right now, it takes a mediocre guess at what would be most like it, but sometimes due to the way certain cards are sorted you are sitting there tediously searching for the right card. You could simply update the "suggestions" box with cards that share a Tag with the card being replaced, as well as adding a search bar at the top of the pop up box for those that already know which cards they would like to replace it with.
2014-07-08 13:39
An addition to the previous post: The suggested cuts should be pulled from cards that share a tag, then filtered to the relevant color of the card being replaced.
2014-07-08 23:44
Multiple human user, full cube Rotisserie Draft would be a great feature to add.
2014-07-10 00:16
Sample hands for previously drafted decks would be sweet too.
2014-07-30 18:16
a button on every cube homepage to quickly compare my (or maybe main/first if multiple) cube to the cube being currently viewed. i all to often take note of the cube id and go to the compare site to enter my and the other id...
2014-09-20 21:47
I would like to see the top 20 (50? 100?) cards by color. You have the "top cards by set" option, but it would be useful and interesting to see what cards are the most used for each colour (and combination). Thank you, anyway! Terrific site!
2014-09-21 01:44
I would like to see it be easier to change cubes on mobile.
2014-11-14 07:25
First off, great stuff you've done with the latest update! And of course awesome work with the page overall, there's just no other page out there that's even half as good for cube-keeping :D About how to improve it further: I really really miss the ability to seed boosters by rarity when drafting/sealed'ing. Other seeding-options might also be interesting but seeding by rarity would really make the world of difference to me and my cube. ( ) I imagine a simple check-box on the draft/sealed-page that, when checked reveals the seeding options (number of Rares, number of Uncommons, number of Promo-Rarity cards, and so on). I imagine it being a fairly simple feature to implement, but of course I realise that you have a lot of things to work on. Huge thanks in advance if you could make it happen eventually! Also +1 to what MAGG wrights just above here. Thanks again for a great site!
2014-12-04 13:35
I would really like to import a cube with more than one of each card as: 4 Sylvan Caryatid 4 Siege Rhino 4 Courser of Kruphix 2 Wingmate Roc 2 Brimaz, King of Oreskos 4 Fleecemane Lion
2014-12-04 20:34
Duplicate finder
2014-12-06 01:08
Could I export only some cards, like say.. white cards with CMC 3-4?
2014-12-06 05:14
Is it possible to ''draft'' my cube with the standard common/uncommon/rare or mythic ratio? 1 rare/3 uncommons/11 commons packs?
2015-01-01 18:03
Id like to be able to draw sample hands from the decks I've drafted, just for the fun of it.
2015-01-22 13:58
Is there an easy way to remove a lot of cards? Like a bulk remove option? Is there a way to arrange the visual spoiler alphabetically? I use the visual spoiler to know which of the cards in my cube are listed in the wrong set, and having the "edit list" page and the visual spoiler in a different order is annoying.
2015-02-09 02:54
Great website. The categorizer could suggest substitutes for cards. The categorizer can have a list of cards that are functionally the same (ie that only differ in name) and cards that are a "worse" or "better" version of a particular card.
2015-02-23 21:22
Thank you for a really great service you provide for all of us. I like very much for the deck builder to sort lands and cmc-0-cards in different piles. An example of how to do it; having an option in Edit List under cmc called "Land" or "-1" or something that all lands are defaulted to, so that the site always sorts them under (to the left of) the 0 pile in the deck builder. Forgetting to add that Force of Will or Snuff Out to the deck is a horrible feeling ;) Seems like it'd be fairly easy to implement. The ability to draw sample cards (or some kind of "goldfish" function) would be great as well.
2015-02-23 21:24
I of course mean sample *hands
2015-04-10 19:05
sample starting hand from drafted decks!
2015-04-12 05:44
For draft bot AI, it bases some picks on color identity of a card, right? You can override a card's color identity. You can say that Vedalken Shackles is a blue card, Windbrisk Heights is a white card, or Phyrexian Metamorph is a colorless card. But for hybrids, couldn't there be an "or" option? You can set Kitchen FInks to Selesnya, where it would get favored by green/white drafters, or you could set it to green or you could set it to red. Why not an option to count it as "green or white" for purposes of the bot drafters? Or maybe it does already and just ignore me. :) Tangential thing: Personally I like to count a card like Kitchen Finks in my totals by color (for balancing purposes) as half a green card and half a white card. So by that counting method, I might have 72 black cards, 72 and a half green cards, etc. I'm not sure how setting an "OR" color identity would work in the visual spoiler.
2015-04-12 05:45
Er, I meant you can currently set Kitchen Finks to count as a green card or a *white* card, not red. Well, I guess you could technically set it to red. :/
2015-04-17 23:56
In the Analysis section, I can filter to only a subsection of my cube and see an analysis of that subset. But is there a way to just view a list of the cards I've filtered to? For example, I filtered to 'human' for subtype and got a list of 58 cards. I accounted for all those except two white cards. I thought maybe Gideon was being counted, but that doesn't seem right. And maybe Mirror Entity, except that I tried a filter for subtype "Eye" and zero cards were returned. So, feature request to see the filtered list of cards, unless I'm just missing how to do it. I haven't tried putting the whole list through Gatherer or anything to find the last two, but it seems to be catching the errata for old cards, like Mother of Runes, Academy Rector, Braids, Avalanche Riders, and some others. (That's my purpose, trying to find the easiest way to get all the cards that count for Champion of the Parish that aren't printed on the cards themselves.)
2015-04-24 23:46
Derp, how did I miss the filter on the visual spoiler page?
2015-04-26 22:40
Any way to see the top cards used by color and not restricted by set.
2015-05-04 22:02
It would be awesome if you could set the bots to run with alternate draft formats like Winchester or Solomon. That's probably a ton of work, though.
2015-05-06 16:25
Awesome site! I second the request about seeing top cards by color regardless the set. Actually it would be great to look at the top cards by a number of criteria: for example: color, type, rarity and set.
2015-05-07 16:57
And top cards by color agnostic of set... meaning I'd like to see which cards of the same name are most popular, regardless of the expansion individuals chose.
2015-05-15 01:19
It would be nice to be able to draft your cube as all 8 players, instead of having to use bots each time. That way the depth of your testing can be stronger
2015-07-26 06:17
I'd like to see the pick percentage (global and just for your test drafts) and cube inclusion numbers for the cards in your Cube. A fancier analysis could then show you cards with similar tags and colours but different/better pick percentage and inclusion numbers.
2015-08-01 07:53
540 average cube seems like something simple that is missing.
2015-09-23 03:10
make it so that you can tag someone in a comment, and where theres a spot to see what messages you have got or comments, so you dont have to dig around
2015-10-07 06:28
A suggestion, on the vire curve page allowing us to minus and add cards already in the cube. Not sure if this would invalidate the edit list feature, but since I have to keep both page open while I edit mine, this would be very convenient. Thank you for your work on this site!
2015-12-21 16:24
I love the site. I am seriously thinking about making a cube. I have copied another players as a starting point, but its a lot harder than it looks. There are a few things I would like to suggest. - Having an option to let your cube use/display the oldest art image for every card. For instance, I like using art from Beta. I have to manually change each card in my cube to reflect that. Having a toggle that would auto select the oldest artwork would be great. - Having the export feature show the name of the card and the set beside it would help tremendously when printing it off to go to the card shop to get cards. - When looking for the top cubes, maybe have a rating that the websites community has ranked them. If these features already exist, i am unaware of where they are and how to use them. I love the sight and keep up the great work here.
2015-12-25 07:10
Would it be possible to add a sample hand after draft?please
2016-01-03 19:00
Looking to be able to export the filtered list, and being able to filter by cards that are marked owned by in the price list
2016-01-12 12:42
It'd be nice to have a mass delete button. It's pretty difficult to want to start from scratch when you have to manually delete everything.
2016-01-28 16:49
It would be great if we could have an option to list all lands in a separate column. I know lands are colorless, but for me it would be more handy having them separatelly.
2016-02-01 21:56
Being able to search by tags would be really handy, and to make the default search by most drafted.
2016-02-03 13:41
I think there should be a currency system. I don’t even know if this is possible, but hear me out Every new account starts with no mana in their CubeTutor pool. You draft a random cube, you get colorless mana. What do you do with this mana? You cast spells! “Unlock Avatar” “Renew Avatar” “Animated Avatar”… forum swag, site buffs, etc. Take a look at Boardgamegeek and their Avatar and Badge system. But that’s just colorless mana. How do you get the rare colored mana? With spells! Spells like this: ----------------- Blue Cube of Justice 10 (colorless) Sorcery – Cube Target cube provides Blue mana the first time its drafted this week by each Player. --------------- Use the colored mana to get the REALLY rare site buffs. Let your epeen shine! So, how do we prevent abuse (someone just drafting really fast and not really being helpful?) Standard deviation. The site already has stats on the best first picks, so put that math to work. If there is a bunch of (comparative) garbage next to a gem, and someone picks garbage, then that’s OK, maybe theyre just bad. But if it keeps happening, have the site cast “Counter Draft”. Point them to some resources about drafting. Tl;dr I feel like this could be a great site, but I worry that there may not be enough traffic. I’m already seeing a bunch of “draft my cube!” posts and I fear that people just…won’t. There really is no incentive. Lets make an incentive!
2016-02-03 15:59
Nice idea! :D
2016-02-03 16:01
Inventory - Build a list of cards you own - card name / set / condition / scan / etc. Cube - Easily use cards from your inventory. This will allow the building of various cube lists using the same card pool.
2016-02-04 00:13
I just discovered Patreon and am currently funding GamExplain at a $1 / month level. I would really like to do this for here, but I cannot justify $60 / year. Are there any plans for a $1 tier with smaller rewards? Maybe Champions can tie into my idea above? Also, thank you for this platform. I hope it prospers. This is what I've been waiting for as far as Cube goes.
2016-04-07 11:41
I love CubeTutor, I love all the intricate features it has. That said, for me, it definitely lacks some basic features and changes aimed at site's responsiveness. The most annoying one is, really, that I have to post my thoughts here - under your Cube. The site has no general forums and for the forums that already exist, they lack a ton of basic features. CubeTutor shouldn't be just a place to create a list, it should be a place for all Cube lovers to come, talk and exchange experiences. If you want your site to grow, you must allow it's community to grow and right now that's not really possible. How can I ask people to come draft and comment on my Cube? Where can i talk about inclusion or removal of certain cards in certain Cubes? Find Cube tutorials and articles? For me, Cube should be a promoted format, a format whre each store has it's own Cube and offers newcomers, as well as advanced players, ton of fun without having to own your own meta-deck. I want Cube to grow and I want CubeTutor to be the champion of that growth. If you can do that, you have my Champion Subscription.
2016-04-28 03:15
Why does the medium sized average cubes have 450 cards when a medium sized cube should be 540?
2016-05-14 12:42
In Analysis I would like to have also a Set Charts: how many cards you have in the cube for each set.
2016-06-19 05:55
One thing that might be every helpful is a tab that shows you all the tokens associated with the cards in your cube. I know it would take a long time to put together, but if there were a quick and easy way for us to determine what tokens we need for our cube, it would be great. Thanks!
2016-07-17 21:18
Honestly the main issues I have with the site are.... first of all the UI, I find it very confusing to work with. I created my CUBE then....? I honestly don't know how to add cards, how to check stats, how to edit it etc, how to mass input cards etc. Also on the topic, the forum needs massive improvement, currently it's just lists of threads, very unattractive, no sub forums for different threads etc... probably the reason it's so inactive as well, looking at the list absolutely none of them have replies, all 0 except for this thread. I love the idea of the site but currently I struggle to understand how to use it (can't see a tutorial anywhere and the UI explains NOTHING to me so no idea where to click). I hope this doesn't come off as negative feedback, I want it to be constructive, just giving you my honest view/experience I've had with the site so far.
2016-07-18 10:32
click around, you'll figure it out.
2016-07-18 21:37
...Exactly my point, after clicking around lots I finally managed to figure out how to add cards. But then couldn't work out how to mass add, eventually I just gave up and used another site :( Site is very difficult to navigate/figure out and offers no explanations... and apparently the user base aren't very helpful either it seems :|
2017-01-25 22:31
Can You Add A Functionality For Multiple Players To Draft The Same Cube, Rather Than Just 1 Human And 1-12 Bots?
2017-01-25 23:24
Thanks for adding the token functionality, by the way!
2017-05-01 03:09
In creating my cube I like to think of archetypes that I enjoy drafting and trying to make sure I have enough cards to fit in each archetype. So the tag system/Categoriser is great for that. I just wish the functionality of it was expanded. I would like to be able to search for specific tags and cards to add to my cube, sort tags that are in my cube, see a breakdown in analysis of the archetypes I've labeled in my cube.
2017-06-29 10:56
Hello, I am sad to see that the forums right now are being overflooded with Advertisement SPAM from outside sources. I imagine this can be very tricky to block completely, but you should try to add some kind of filter.
2017-06-29 20:12
I'd like to be able to add custom rules to a cube. I'm not sure how viable/difficult this idea is, but I have a tribal cube I'd like to make four packs of 15. I know there's a premium feature that allows custom card images, I've supported in the past as a result, but I noticed that the custom cards don't stay uploaded once the patronage ends. It would be nice if they would stay server side once the patronage ends. (Not expecting, just requesting- I know server space can be expensive.)
2017-06-29 20:13
Quote: Appledirt 2017-01-25 22:31 Can You Add A Functionality For Multiple Players To Draft The Same Cube, Rather Than Just 1 Human And 1-12 Bots? Love this idea personally.
2017-06-29 20:20
Under the analysis tab, can we have a "sort by tag" feature? For example, In my tribal cube, Skeletons and zombies sometimes interact, so I'd tag certain skeletons with "zombie," and see draft analytics for the "zombie" tag, rather than the card itself.
2017-06-29 20:23
I noticed that if a player directly accesses a secondary cube of mine, they can draft it, but I've noticed that 0 players (other than people I've personally directed there), have drafted my secondary cubes. When people draft a "random cube," Does it only select my primary cube? Can we allow secondary cubes to be drafted too, for more accurate statistics and archetype preferences?
2017-06-29 20:26
Cube "Tags" Being able to search cubes would be nice, based on username, popularity, rule set, style, theme, etc. I have 3 cubes (I'm clearly insane), and am working on a fourth. My Zur cube I would label (for example) as EDH, 5-color, Combo, Special Rule-set. Tribal would be (duh) Tribal, etc...
2017-06-29 20:28
"Recommended cubes" Based on the cubes you're currently following, the website could suggest a list of cubes for drafting, to increase exposure and data collecting. This could also suggest cubes based on lists and tags in your cube.
2017-06-29 21:05
Is Ben alive though
2017-07-09 21:55
It'd be nice to be able to sort the cards in my cube by Pick Count, Pass Count, Pick Percentage and Cube Count as found in Top Cards. This way I could sort my cube and see which cards are the least/most cubed, picked, etc. At the moment, unless I'm missing something, I have to do this individually for each card.
2017-07-30 22:54
Is this site still being maintained outside of the community adding their decks?
2017-08-19 21:24
Is there a way to fire up pods within site visitors? Instead of simply drafting against bots
2017-08-24 10:51
remove double cards
2017-08-25 17:17
+1 for remove mistakenly added extra copies of a card, also there should be a way to export only the cards filtered by a certain search query.
2017-12-16 21:21
I'd love to be able to export a list of only cards I have marked as unowned, so I can bulk buy them (this would 100% shift me from buying CFB to buying TCGPlayer affiliate)
2018-01-16 12:20
that is the ideal [url=]technology[/url] we still have
2018-01-16 12:20
that is the best <a href="">Technology</a>
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