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Cube with Urza-MM-Invasion blocks?

Hi there, I've been playing MTG from 1998 to 2003, approx. I have a shoebox full of commons and an album full of uncommons from that era (I gave the rares away to a buddy when I retired, unfortunately - with current prices that was a ~500 euros gift, easily). So, I'm looking to start playing again, like casually with a few friends. Money is an issue, we don't want to start p(l)aying at FNMs immediately. Maybe after a few months, if we're still into it we will start investing again. But for now I must say that discovering the Cube format was a very pleasant surprise. If I understand things correctly, it's easy to build a fun-to-draft-with cube for about 50 euros, which I'm fine with. But before I do that, I'd love to see my old shoebox of commons repurposed. So, I have things from 5th, 6th, 7th edition and stuff from. -How do I pick the best 400 that will create a consistent balanced and interesting meta (aka not as simplistic as "Portal: Second Age" decks)? -Are there other similar lists I can use for inspiration? -Is building a Cube a fun process to start with a friend, or does it require more concentration and is best done solo? These will probably sound like extremely noob questions, but any guidance will be more than welcome. Feel free to provide relevant links instead of typing a lot of the basic boring stuff I need to know. Thnx! P.S. I don't mind using a few proxies here and there to round things up where needed.

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