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Is there a way to see the least cubed cards?

I signed up wondering if there was a way to see the cards that are included in the fewest cubes.

2015-04-21 04:03
the cards that are included in the fewest would be the ones that aren't included in any. which would make them hard to catalog. id imagine there are hundreds of very poor cards to choose from. I'm not sure why this information is relevant but if pure trying to do something imaginative with it I'd suggest starting with cards that have narrow and/or minimal effects and seeing if you can find any similar cards that are strict or slight downgrades to them. Cards like Sorrow's Path and ember shot are about as bad as you can get.
2015-05-27 18:30
Perhaps a way of ranking Uniqueness of a cube would be useful? For each card in a cube, there is a number of cubes that have the same card. The lower this value, the more unique it is to see that card in a cube. Now average this value for all cards in a cube, the lower this aggregate value the more unique the cube is. And the higher this value the more average the cube is.
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