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Please draft my cube!

I have drafted a ton of different cubes on here and would like someone to draft mine and give me some feedback. If you do and I already jave not drafted your cube, I will. Thanks.

2013-07-14 02:13
I don't want to spam a new thread so... Draft my cube too! :) I call it "Ravanica Complete" and I'm curious to see what other people create.
2013-07-14 17:58
I think I've gotten my cube to a slightly stable iteration. I call it the "Nostalgia Cube." Please draft it, save decks, and leave feedback (suggestions for cuts, adds, edits)! If you do, I will draft yours as well!
2013-12-08 03:50
I also have a new cube. Let me know what you think, I'll also draft anyone else's too.
2015-09-08 12:28
Hi! I really like this webpage! It made possible to create my very own cube from scratch. Unfortunately only one time it has been drafted online by someone so please if anyone else want to try is welcome. Also any comments/critics are very welcome! adrian's Cube underpower Please have in mind that "booster" would be like Dragon's dual tapped land (temples from theros) random in the slot of basic land but I don't know how to set that online on the cube without incrementing the size of it.
Lord Moriar
2016-03-17 04:07
Hi i made a new cube based off of the guilds from the Ravnica blocks that I would like people to playtest and critique. The best way I have to draft it is going for two guild at once that share a color. But don't go for the third guild that makes up the colors because then your selection is too wide spread. for example: golgari and rakdos can combo with unleash and scavenge and dredge. but if you also draft gruul it'll dilute your selection and make it harder to have a decent mana base.
2016-04-22 12:45
Heyho! Great page! I build my cube with the help and inspiration from this site. Please draft it and feel free to leave comments. :)
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