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Unhinged for 12

Hey there all. First post (glad to be here), and first attempt at a cube. Long time magic player, and I am super excited having learned about the cube format. I am sure I will attempt a serious cube sometime in the future. Now, to my question I have a group that drafts sets (sealed boosters) regularly, and thought it would be fun to put together a fun cube to change things up between set drafts with some fun cards. With this in mind, I embarked to create a 12 man Unhinged cube (avoiding unglued for now). Now I have never played unhinged personally, but as I understand it the set is "draftable" stand alone meaning you don't need supplemental cards right? I up and bought the following to create the cube, but then realized its probably not a good idea to have more than 4x any one card *see commons*? 2x - Rares (40x set = 80 cards) 3x - Uncommon (40x set = 120 cards) 7x - Common (55x set = 385 cards) 585 cards total Never having drafted cube, and not really understanding things, I assume 7x ea common is going to be a problem? Maybe not though, because technically in a booster box, there are more than 4x specific cards. I see several on cubetutor have put together unhinged draft sets, and augmented regular cards in. Any reason as to why? Thoughts in general on my approach? Thanks all! -Elliott

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