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Can't stay logged in

I'm having a weird issue where when I log in, I'm not actually logged in. After I log in and I try to navigate to my cube, I can't edit it and when I navigate to the login page it takes me to Ben's Cube and it acts like I'm logged in as Ben (far right says User: Ben) though I can't interact with his cube thankfully. The even weirder part is that if I log in to the site in Incognito mode, everything works perfectly fine.

2018-07-20 16:00
Yeh same.... still Last time I tried to post something on someone´s blog and tried to log in and it logged me in as the owner of the cube and then it fucked up the post I tried posting to.... There´s definitely something going on with the website's security and login... But thanks for providing a temporary fix!
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