LE Cube sans gras (469 cards)

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Multicolor (88)

Azorius (8)

Flooded StrandHallowed FountainIrrigated FarmlandTemple of Enlightenment

Geist of Saint TraftSpell Queller

Brago, King Eternal

Teferi, Hero of Dominaria

Dimir (8)

Fetid PoolsPolluted DeltaTemple of DeceitWatery Grave

Baleful Strix

Tezzeret's Touch

Hostage TakerTezzeret, Agent of Bolas

Rakdos (9)

Blood CryptBloodstained MireCanyon SloughTemple of Malice


Lyzolda, the Blood WitchMayhem Devil

Falkenrath AristocratMurderous Redcap

Gruul (8)

Sheltered ThicketStomping GroundTemple of AbandonWooded Foothills

Domri, Anarch of Bolas

Bloodbraid ElfHuntmaster of the Fells

Borborygmos Enraged

Selesnya (10)

Gavony TownshipScattered GrovesTemple GardenTemple of PlentyWindswept Heath

Kitchen FinksKnight of the ReliquaryRenegade Rallier

Trostani DiscordantMirari's Wake

Orzhov (8)

Godless ShrineMarsh FlatsOrzhov BasilicaTemple of Silence

Tidehollow ScullerHidden Stockpile

Sorin, Solemn Visitor

Ashen Rider

Golgari (8)

Golgari Rot FarmOvergrown TombTemple of MaladyVerdant Catacombs

Deathrite Shaman

Lotleth TrollAssassin's Trophy

Journey to Eternity

Simic (8)

Breeding PoolMisty RainforestSimic Growth ChamberTemple of Mystery

Growth Spiral

Selkie Hedge-MageShardless Agent

Prime Speaker Vannifar

Izzet (8)

Izzet BoilerworksScalding TarnSteam VentsTemple of Epiphany

Stormchaser Mage

GelectrodeSaheeli, Sublime ArtificerElectrolyze

Boros (8)

Arid MesaBoros GarrisonSacred FoundryTemple of Triumph

Figure of Destiny

Honored Crop-Captain

Boros ReckonerGoblin Trenches

Bant (1)

Noble Hierarch

Esper (1)

Thopter Foundry

Grixis (1)

Cruel Ultimatum

Abzan (1)

Siege Rhino

Temur (1)

Maelstrom Wanderer