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Here's what your champion account includes...

Upload scans of the pimp cards in your cube and show them off to the world! They will appear in your drafts just like if you were drafting your real cards!

  • Upload all of your card scans quickly and easily using our Bulk Uploader.
  • NEW Upload a scan for each basic land type in your cube!
  • Update and remove your card scans using the Scan Management page.

Draft your cube against probably the most advanced Draft AI ever written! Castle AI will take your cube design to the next level by drafting just like real human players might.

  • A rules based algorithm built from research into generally accepted drafting best practises.
  • Transparent decisions mean that you can analyse what the bots are picking and why.
  • Built in feedback loop for users to report a Castle AI pick decision to the community.
  • Want to know more? Check out the Castle AI hub here: Castle AI

Set up your cube to be drafted exactly the way that you want it to be!

  • Configure the make up of your packs. One Mythic, Two Legendary Creatures and 12 Instants? That's fine!
  • Decide how many packs, picks and bots you want to use.
  • Use either Castle AI or CubeTutor AI.
Draft cards from three face down piles using completely custom built Winston Draft AI. Do you go for the big pile with lots of low value cards or the small pile with hidden potential?
  • This two player draft variant rewards those with a good memory!
  • Read more about the format, popularised by Tom Lapille in the FAQ.
  • Take it for a spin here.

Take Castle AI for a spin in this interative hate-drafting format. With complete information about your opponents cards, the goal is to maximize the power of your own deck, whilst minimizing the power of your opponent's deck.

  • Exciting drafting process. Can you outsmart Castle AI?
  • Read more about the format in the FAQ.
  • Take it for a spin here.
There is plenty more to discover with CubeTutor Premium including:
  • Give your cube a Custom URL like
  • Your username will be displayed with a special premium styling!
  • The right to vote on new features for the Cube Tutor Platform.
  • NEW Review all of the pick decisions made by Human drafters on your cubes!
  • Star your decks to show off brews or archetypes in your cube!
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