Status: OPEN, Castle AI Version: 1.0.2

Is it just me that doesn't see a combo worth picking this over Smite for? Seems clear that even the arguers favour Smite over Horse, but the Combo modifier seems to tip the balance.

2015-07-03 11:02
The Combo Scenario is a tricky one to get 100% right. Essentially there is a Synergy Threshold over which two cards are considered a "combo". There will inevitable be some real combos that don't quite make it, and some cards that are picked together enough, which do make it despite not being a combo. I think that's what we're seeing here.
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Strategies Before Pick:

Primary: Mono White Aggro    Secondary: Mono White Tokens


#Card NameReasoning
1 Armored Warhorse Synergy[9]STRONGEST  Strategy[7]WEAK  ComboSTRONGEST  Signal[6]VERY_STRONG  Quality[6]WEAKEST 
2 Smite Synergy[9]VERY_STRONG  Strategy[7]STRONGEST  Signal[6]VERY_STRONG  Quality[6]AVERAGE 
3 Test of Faith Synergy[9]STRONG  Strategy[7]VERY_STRONG  Signal[6]VERY_STRONG  Quality[6]WEAK 
4 Otherworldly Journey Synergy[9]VERY_STRONG  Strategy[7]WEAK  Signal[6]VERY_STRONG  Quality[6]WEAK 
5 Selesnya Guildmage Synergy[9]AVERAGE  Strategy[7]VERY_STRONG  Signal[6]AVERAGE  Quality[6]WEAK 
6 Skinrender Synergy[9]AVERAGE  Strategy[7]NONE  Signal[6]STRONG  Quality[6]STRONG 
7 Erase Synergy[9]AVERAGE  Strategy[7]WEAK  Signal[6]VERY_STRONG  Quality[6]WEAKEST 
8 Death's Approach Synergy[9]WEAK  Strategy[7]NONE  Signal[6]STRONG  Quality[6]WEAK 
9 Divination Synergy[9]WEAK  Strategy[7]NONE  Signal[6]NONE  Quality[6]STRONG 
10 Psychic Strike Synergy[9]WEAKEST  Strategy[7]NONE  Signal[6]NONE  Quality[6]VERY_WEAK 

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