Status: PENDING_FIX, Castle AI Version: 1.0.2

I don't see how this fits a mono-white aggro strategy besides colourless ramp. Surely Stance is objectively better?

2015-07-03 10:56
This is a card tagging issue. If you look at Gruul Keyrune you'll see it's tagged with Aggro and as it's colourless the AI considers it to be On Colour. The Keyrune should also have "Cares About (Green)" and "Cares About (Red)". In addition Valorous Stance doesnt have any approved tags yet so the AI just sees it as an on colour card (hence the low strategy score). Leaving this one open for the time being for other people to read.
2015-07-03 10:58
I've added the Cares About tags for approval to this card.
2015-07-08 17:15
Report status set to: PENDING_FIX
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Strategies Before Pick:

Primary: Mono White Aggro    Secondary: Orzhov Aggro


#Card NameReasoning
1 Gruul Keyrune Strategy[8]STRONGEST  Synergy[3]VERY_WEAK  Quality[6]WEAKEST 
2 Valorous Stance Strategy[8]WEAK  Synergy[3]VERY_STRONG  Quality[6]VERY_STRONG 
3 Inspiration Strategy[8]NONE  Synergy[3]WEAK  Quality[6]AVERAGE 
4 Ethercaste Knight Strategy[8]NONE  Synergy[3]AVERAGE  Quality[6]VERY_WEAK 
5 Aether Mutation Strategy[8]NONE  Synergy[3]WEAK  Quality[6]VERY_WEAK 

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