Shrine with 1 red card?

Status: PENDING_FIX, Castle AI Version: 1.0.2

Shrine of Burning Rage is a terrible pick, here. It has a 5 in strategy, but doesnt fit the strategy listed before the picks, and certainly doesnt change it after wards. Chrome Mox, while pretty unexciting, is a much better pick given that theres actually a small chance it could find its way into the deck if we are just really starving for that 23d playable.

2015-07-05 06:31
I'm guessing that's because it currently has the "Finisher" tag, which is valued highly in the control strategy. I think the name for that tag is too ambiguous - looking at the cards listed under that tag, there's a lot of aggro-only "finishers", such as Berserk, in addition to control win conditions like Decree of Justice. Could the tag be split into two tags, one for control win conditions, and one for cards which provide reach to aggro decks?
2015-07-05 06:43
I'd probably take the Rampant Growth here myself, since we already have the coiling oracle and green can provide some ramp for the big mana control deck we're in. You're right that Shrine is a bad pick. Is part of this because of the color profile? What color does Castle AI consider Shrine of Burning Rage? I consider it a red card in my cube, but I suppose it's playable outside of red. Certainly not very good though.
2015-07-06 16:14
I had a similar issue with this card where a Mono Blue Control Deck (Primary) Dimir Control Deck (Secondary) took shrine over several other decent cards. At this point CastleAI had 0 red cards. This card needs a cares about red tag.
2015-07-08 17:05
This one comes down to the fact that Shrine of Burning Rage is missing the Cares About (Red) property! With this tag it will no longer rate the card so highly for Strategy in this situation. Marked as Pending Fix. Report status set to: PENDING_FIX
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Strategies Before Pick:

Primary: Dimir Control    Secondary: Sultai Control


#Card NameReasoning
1 Shrine of Burning Rage Strategy[10]VERY_STRONG  Quality[3]VERY_WEAK  Synergy[3]WEAK 
2 Chrome Mox Quality[3]AVERAGE  Strategy[10]STRONG  Synergy[3]AVERAGE 
3 Rampant Growth Quality[3]AVERAGE  Strategy[10]AVERAGE  Synergy[3]WEAK 
4 Gaea's Cradle Quality[3]AVERAGE  Strategy[10]NONE  Synergy[3]WEAK 
5 Windswept Heath Quality[3]AVERAGE  Strategy[10]NONE  Synergy[3]NONE 
6 Arc Trail Strategy[10]NONE  Quality[3]WEAK  Synergy[3]WEAK 
7 Life from the Loam Strategy[10]NONE  Quality[3]VERY_WEAK  Synergy[3]WEAK 
8 Soltari Champion Strategy[10]NONE  Quality[3]VERY_WEAK  Synergy[3]WEAK 
9 Keldon Champion Strategy[10]NONE  Quality[3]VERY_WEAK  Synergy[3]WEAK 
10 Putrid Leech Strategy[10]NONE  Quality[3]WEAKEST  Synergy[3]WEAK 

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