Buried Alive overvalued

Status: OPEN, Castle AI Version: 1.0.2

First pick Lightning Bolt into 2nd pick Buried alive over some very playable aggressive options makes very little sense. I'd happily take the Wooded Foothills or Battlefield Forge (setting up a splash), Monastery Mentor, or Miscalculation over the Buried Alive here. Buried Alive is a strange card, at least in my cube. It's a "draft around me" card, but it's not the card that pushes you into that archetype. Getting a first pick Buried Alive isn't powerful enough to make you want to build the reanimator deck I don't think. It's a very narrow role player in the decks it's good in. Am I just undervaluing Buried Alive? or is Castle AI overvaluing it as a build around?

2015-07-06 08:42
I think the AI treats a lot of the "draft around me" cards like this currently - here's my report, which is similar: http://www.cubetutor.com/championcentral/castleai/pickdecisionreport/13
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Strategies Before Pick:

Primary: Mono Red Control    Secondary: Mono Red Aggro


#Card NameReasoning
1 Buried Alive Quality[10]VERY_WEAK  Strategy[1]NONE  Signal[4]NONE  Draft Around MeSTRONGEST  Synergy[2]WEAKEST 
2 Monastery Mentor Quality[10]STRONG  Strategy[1]NONE  Signal[4]STRONG  Synergy[2]STRONG 
3 Miscalculation Quality[10]STRONG  Strategy[1]NONE  Signal[4]STRONG  Synergy[2]AVERAGE 
4 Thirst for Knowledge Quality[10]AVERAGE  Strategy[1]NONE  Signal[4]STRONG  Synergy[2]WEAK 
5 Fauna Shaman Quality[10]WEAK  Strategy[1]NONE  Signal[4]STRONG  Synergy[2]VERY_WEAK 
6 Land Tax Quality[10]WEAK  Strategy[1]NONE  Signal[4]STRONG  Synergy[2]VERY_WEAK 
7 Krenko's Command Quality[10]WEAK  Strategy[1]VERY_STRONG  Signal[4]NONE  Synergy[2]VERY_STRONG 
8 Wooded Foothills Quality[10]AVERAGE  Strategy[1]NONE  Signal[4]NONE  Synergy[2]NONE 
9 Vengevine Quality[10]VERY_WEAK  Strategy[1]NONE  Signal[4]STRONG  Synergy[2]VERY_WEAK 
10 Genesis Quality[10]VERY_WEAK  Strategy[1]NONE  Signal[4]STRONG  Synergy[2]VERY_WEAK 
11 Bayou Quality[10]WEAK  Strategy[1]NONE  Signal[4]NONE  Synergy[2]NONE 
12 Bloodghast Quality[10]VERY_WEAK  Strategy[1]NONE  Signal[4]NONE  Synergy[2]VERY_WEAK 
13 Sacred Foundry Quality[10]VERY_WEAK  Strategy[1]NONE  Signal[4]NONE  Synergy[2]NONE 
14 Battlefield Forge Quality[10]WEAKEST  Strategy[1]NONE  Signal[4]NONE  Synergy[2]NONE 

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