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One of the most important aspects of CastleAI, and indeed the main reason that is represents a significant improvement over CubeTutorAI is its ability to draft to a strategy.

Imagine that you first picked an Animate Dead and along comes the second pack with amongst other things Damnation, Doom Blade and Entomb. What do you pick? CubeTutorAI would say "Damnation is the highest rated card so I will pick it". Whilst it is reasonable in a naive case to just pick the "best" card in your colours, most human drafters don't think that way. They will ask the question, "Which of these cards works the best with the cards that I've already chosen?". The clear answer to that question in this case is Entomb which combos well with Animate Dead and will send our draft in a Reanimator direction.

CastleAI thinks like this too!

The first few picks in a draft are informed mostly by Card Quality and Signal Strength but as the draft progresses Castle AI builds up a model of the strategy or strategies that it is drafting towards. In order to do so it needs to have some knowledge of what the cards that it's drafting actually do! Enter The Categoriser! Thanks to you guys, The Cube Tutor community we now have an extensive database detailing the main function of thousands of cards.

You can see the tags for a card by clicking on a card name or picture anywhere on the site, e.g. Ancestral Recall,. To see a list of all cards marked with a particular tag, just click on that Tag: Card Draw

Strategy Elements

A CastleAI Strategy has a few key elements
  • Required Tags - Without posessing card(s) with these properties it is impossible to be in the strategy. For example you must have a Reanimation Spell to be a Reanimator deck.
  • High Priority - Cards with these properties are the bread and butter of the strategy and will fill out the majority of the final deck.
  • Low Priority - It is desirable to draft cards with these properties.
  • Unwanted Tags - Cards with these properties will be actively avoided.
  • Primary Colours - The colours that best support the strategy.
  • Curve Template - The desired curve differs from strategy to strategy.

Contributing to the Pick Decision

Strategy is just one aspect of CastleAI and contributes to the final pick decision by scoring each card in a pack. A card will score well for strategy if it has more Required properties, High or Low Priority properties is in a Primary Colour and fits well on the curve of our previously drafted cards.

Fully Extensible

Below you will see a complete definition of all of the strategies that are currently supported by Castle AI. It is straightforward to add new strategies and modify existing ones so this page will serve as a living document of the current strategies supported in Castle AI. If you would like to propose a new strategy for the AI, then please suggest it!


primarycoloursBlue  White  Red  Green  Black 
highpriorityAggroDirect DamageMass PumpAnthemRemoval (Land)EvasionAnti-ControlAnti-DrawMass Removal (Land)Removal (Edict)Removal (Creature)Removal (Damage)Removal (Non Land Permanent)Removal (Exile)BouncePumpCombat TrickTempoBounce (Creature)
lowpriorityTutor (All)Removal (Enchantment)Cares About (Creature)Card DrawClone (Creature)Removal (Artifact)Mass BounceSaboteurLure EffectBounce (Own Creature)Tutor (Creature)Removal (Permanent)Sac Outlet (Creature)Death TriggerCares About (Power)Cares About (Small Hand Size)Control (Creature)Recursion (Creature)Card FilterAnti-RemovalAnti-Life GainCard AdvantageAnti-AggroThreaten EffectCard SelectionTapperManlandAnti (Control Creature)
unwantedtagsMass Removal (Creature)Mass RemovalReanimation TargetFinisher


primarycoloursBlue  White  Red  Green  Black 
highpriorityHand DisruptionFinisherTutor (All)Tutor (Creature)Card DrawCantripCard SelectionMass RemovalMass Removal (Creature)CounterspellRemoval (Edict)Removal (Creature)Removal (Damage)Removal (Permanent)Removal (Non Land Permanent)Removal (Exile)AccelerationManland
lowpriorityTutor (Equipment)Removal (Enchantment)Needle EffectControl (Permanent)Clone (Creature)FatesealRemoval (Artifact)Mass BounceDiscardAnti-TokensBounceCares About (Few Creature)Cares About (Big Hand Size)Removal (Land)Tutor (Sorcery)Extra TurnShuffleTutor (Instant)Life GainTutor (Artifact)Control (Creature)Tutor (Land)Clone (Sorcery)Clone (Instant)Card FilterRemoval (Non Creature Permanent)Removal (Planeswalker)Anti-RemovalTutor (Enchantment)FattieCard AdvantageAnti-AggroControl (Player)Combat TrickFog EffectTapper
unwantedtagsFinisherAggroCares About (Creature)StormCard Disadvantage


primarycoloursBlue  Red  Black 
requiredtagsCares About (Artifact Creature)Cares About (Artifact)
highpriorityCares About (Artifact Creature)Cares About (Artifact)Clone (Artifact)ManlandSac Outlet (Artifact)Recursion (Artifact)Tutor (Equipment)Tutor (All)Tutor (Artifact)Cheat Into Play (Equipment)Stasis EffectCheat Into Play (Artifact)
lowpriorityCard AdvantageNeedle EffectCard DrawRemoval (Creature)Card SelectionAnti-ControlBounce (Own Artifact)Bounce (Artifact)Manland


highpriorityRecursion (All)Recursion (Land)Recursion (Instant)Recursion (Artifact)Recursion (Sorcery)Recursion (Creature)Recursion (Enchantment)DiscardCares About (Discard)Graveyard HateAnti-Draw
lowpriorityCard AdvantageNeedle EffectCard DrawRemoval (Creature)Anti-ControlManland


primarycoloursBlue  Green  Black 
highprioritySelf MillDiscard OutletDiscardCares About (Discard)Recursion (All)Recursion (Land)Recursion (Instant)Recursion (Artifact)Recursion (Sorcery)Recursion (Creature)Recursion (Enchantment)Cares About (Graveyard)Card SelectionCantripCard Filter
lowpriorityTutor (All)Tutor (Instant)Death TriggerReanimation SpellCard DrawGraveyard HateCard AdvantageReanimation TargetFog EffectTutor (Creature)Tutor (Sorcery)Manland


primarycoloursWhite  Red  Green 
highpriorityStasis EffectStax EffectLure EffectMass PumpAnthemSac Outlet (Permanent)Sac Outlet (Creature)AccelerationTokensCares About (Tokens)
lowpriorityTutor (All)AggroDirect DamageCares About (Creature)Card DrawClone (Creature)Mass BounceAnti-TokensBounce (Own Creature)Removal (Creature)Tutor (Creature)Removal (Permanent)Extra TurnDeath TriggerRemoval (Planeswalker)Enters The Battlefield TriggerCard AdvantageBlinkPumpCombat TrickAnti-ControlAnti-DrawRemoval (Damage)Removal (Non Land Permanent)


primarycoloursBlue  Red  Black 
requiredtagsReanimation Spell
highpriorityReanimation SpellSelf MillTutor (All)Tutor (Creature)Discard OutletSelf RecursionRemoval (Edict)Removal (Creature)Removal (Damage)Removal (Permanent)Removal (Non Land Permanent)Removal (Exile)Card AdvantageCard DrawDraw 7CantripCard SelectionCard FilterCheat Into Play (Non Land Permanent)Cheat Into Play (Permanent)Cheat Into Play (Creature)Reanimation SpellRecursion (All)Recursion (Land)Recursion (Instant)Recursion (Artifact)Recursion (Sorcery)Recursion (Creature)FattieReanimation Target
lowpriorityDiscardShuffleSac Outlet (Creature)Mass RemovalAccelerationMass Removal (Creature)MillCares About (Graveyard)


highpriorityFattieRitual EffectRemoval (Edict)Removal (Creature)Removal (Damage)Removal (Permanent)Removal (Non Land Permanent)Removal (Exile)AccelerationCheat Into Play (Non Land Permanent)Cheat Into Play (Permanent)Cheat Into Play (Creature)Mass Removal (Land)
lowpriorityTutor (All)Cares About (Creature)Card DrawCard FilterRemoval (Planeswalker)Anti-RemovalCard AdvantageAnti-AggroRemoval (Creature)Card SelectionTutor (Creature)Removal (Damage)Removal (Permanent)Removal (Non Land Permanent)
unwantedtagsCard Disadvantage


primarycoloursBlue  Red  Black 
highpriorityExtra TurnDraw 7AccelerationStormRecursion (All)Recursion (Instant)Recursion (Sorcery)Direct DamageRemoval (Damage)Tutor (Artifact)Tutor (All)Untap LandsFree SpellRitual EffectCard DrawCard SelectionCard Filter
lowpriorityMass RemovalCard AdvantageSilence EffectClone (Spell)Anti-AggroManland