Sorting/Filtering by Artist

Status: OPEN

Whenever I'm heading to a GP or other large event where there's an artist, I love to figure out which of my cards I have that still need to be signed and/or doodled on by the artists that will be at the event. While there are other ways to manage this, I already use Cubetutor for all of my other cube management stuff, so being able to go to the View Cube page and filter down to a specific artist to figure out exactly what is currently in would be huge and reduce the risk of digging through my cube based on a list I frequent less often only to find that I'd shuffled my cube around and removed the card(s).

2015-07-01 13:51
2015-07-01 14:03
This would be nice. I have had to do this via using custom tags.
2015-07-02 17:14
The only time I'd find this useful is when artists are attending GPs. However, it would be very, very useful in those situations.
2015-07-08 18:01
This is a nice idea. Currently the Cube Tutor database does not contain Artist information for each card, and it is relatively non-trivial for me to add it. However, like anything I will judge this request on it's popularity in the Champion community.
2015-07-24 06:03
I also made custom tags for my cube for all the artists. I would love this feature personally.
2015-11-10 11:39
Adding the artists now may be a lot of work, but the data is available. I would love this feature for the same reason Aaron mentioned. Last time I had to splice several lists with an exported list to get all the cards I had to search my cube for.
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