Simulated drafts

Status: OPEN

It would be cool to be able to run a "simulated draft" with only CastleAI bots, and to browse the picks they made afterwards. This would also be useful in generating better draft data for the Analysis page.

2015-07-04 03:36
really cool idea
2015-07-07 20:46
I was thinking the same thing. The description totally made me think I could run a few drafts with just castle AI to see what it thinks are the worst cards in my cube, which would be helpful since I'm relatively new to cube building and love getting second opinions.
2015-07-08 17:40
Cool idea guys!
2015-07-08 17:41
W'ed have to figure out the best way of representing a simulating draft visually during the drafting process itself which may take some time to complete
2015-08-11 07:41
Hi Ben and Hedon, I like this idea very much. However, i don't think a visual representation of the drafting process is required - at least for the first version of this feature. What I would be much more interested in is to let the bots do a set number of draft in the background (say 20) and then recieve an analysis that helps me identify cards that over- or underperform in my specific cube. I would be interested in this data, collected over several draft iterations: - pick% (and pass%) for each card - pick% compared to or to a similar avarage to see how the cards performs in my cube specifically - color combinations of the drafted decks (e.g. 3 mono white, 2 UR, 1 grixis, etc). - some kind of curve representation for the decks - if available a "score" for each deck (final Castle AI evaluation score) This would greatly help identifly oppressing and underperforming cards as well as see which colors/combinations need help or tweaking in which direction while making sure to take the environment of just my cube into account. Due to the serverload of this simulation it should of course only be available to patreons (unless your server can easily handle it..)
2015-08-14 08:34
I like both the original idea and the other version of it presented by Newti! Feels like different features though (one visual one-draft-only thing and one purely-analysis-based many-draft function) that can be implemented at separate times and with very different visual layout. Similarities, but as I see it they're still very different from one another. Like I said though, really great suggestions both!
2015-08-15 02:57
Agree that a visual representation of the process is not needed (and IMO would actually detract from the feature's usefulness). Either way, great idea.
2015-08-25 08:03
I think this is the best idea so far, I would also agree with Newti saying that I would prefer to have information from say 20 different drafts to get more reliable numbers. In an effort to save server space, maybe after the draft is done the information is put into a spreadsheet download link to examine rather than hold the information one the website.
2015-09-07 02:26
What Newti said. I'm not interested in sitting at my computer and watching the bots draft like some kind of spectator sport. I'm just interested in the outcome. Run through 20 drafts using a certain draft profile as quickly as possible and give me some analysis. Also, I wouldn't expect it to necessarily assemble decks after each draft. Just a peek and the resulting card pools and the CastleAI stats behind each pick would be really interesting to sift through.
2015-10-30 00:29
This would be an amazing feature with the CastleAI. I am sure it will also allow Ben data on castleAI as well.
2016-03-26 00:33
Been voted for this.
2017-08-27 01:10
Cool idea for two years wih no add? What is the point of voting for new features if they never get added?
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