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M20 Update #2

I guess this update actually has some M20 cards so yey for M20 I guess. Here marks the death of my real loose "black devotion" payoff cards. Still running Grey Merchant for now as it was never dependent on those two cards. Asylum Visitor making a return. Never was a very successful card but I wanted a swap fairly badly so no harm there. Meme plays discarding it to Regisaur.
Hero of Oxid Ridge > Rekindling PhoenixLiliana, Heretical Healer > Midnight ReaperPhyrexian Obliterator > Yawgmoth, Thran PhysicianCarrier Thrall > Knight of the Ebon LegionBearer of Silence > Asylum VisitorGeralf's Messenger > Rotting RegisaurRipjaw Raptor > Voracious Hydra

M20 Update #1

Well its an M20 update without any M20 cards. First time a set came out since I built the list that none of the new cards made it. Might revisit a few later like I usually do. Rotting Regisaur, Voracious Hydra and the protection Shifting Ceratops have merits. Bending my "walker rule" here a bit in having two in Izzet and three Green. Both of these play closer to a vanishing enchantment that a true walker so I don't expect any net negatives on play experience. Night's Whisper has always been on the cusp of being adding to the list since it was built, finally found a foil one and I have been hating the 3CC Read the Bones lately.
Read the Bones > Night's WhisperIonize > Saheeli, Sublime ArtificerChord of Calling > Finale of DevastationGenesis Hydra > Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner


Trostani, Selesnya's Voice > Trostani Discordant

MH1 Update #1

Super excited about this update. Third large 20+ card update in a row, good cube sets being released. Around 10% of the cube has been switched out in 6 months time. Going to be errataing basic basic lands to be snow lands to include some of the new and a couple old snow cards. As a result of the new "horizon lands" being printed that cuts my colorless support for Eldrazi cards. Adding some in demand colorless snow lands should keep draftable waste sources up to par. Weirdly enough Simic is not the worst guild by a large margin anymore. Kind of closed the gap to be tied with the other meh guilds Boros and Izzet.
Regal Caracal > Venerated LoxodonSphinx of Foresight > Murmuring MysticIshkanah, Grafwidow > Prismatic VistaWall of Blossoms > Deep Forest HermitGrowth Spiral > Ice-Fang CoatlConsul's Lieutenant > Giver of RunesCascade Bluffs > Fiery IsletTwilight Mire > Nurturing PeatlandCaves of Koilos > Silent ClearingRugged Prairie > Sunbaked CanyonFlooded Grove > Waterlogged GrovePrecursor Golem > Icehide GolemSensei's Divining Top > Arcum's AstrolabeWarden of the First Tree > Scrying SheetsBrutal Hordechief > Mouth of RonomStrangleroot Geist > HexdrinkerKeldon Marauders > Orcish HellraiserWestvale Abbey > Frostwalk BastionDisenchant > Nature's ChantGlorious Anthem > On Thin IceElectrodominance > Tectonic ReformationFireblast > Risk FactorSigarda, Host of Herons > Trostani, Selesnya's VoiceEdric, Spymaster of Trest > Hydroid Krasis

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