Woodland Cemetery > Hissing QuagmireSulfur Falls > Wandering Fumarole

This one is pretty straight forward. I think BW needs something that just slams onto the battlefield and takes over. Magister does that. I tend to avoid will of the Council cards, but she is sort of worth it. The check lands were only in the cube because there were no enemy manlamds. I'm replacing those as I go.
Clifftop Retreat > Needle SpiresTidehollow Sculler > Magister of Worth

People have been bugging me to try Rabblemaster for a while. Since Red is a primarily aggro color there are many interchangeable parts, Rabblemaster was kind of expensive, and it was unclear that he was better in the aggro deck than Pyrewild, I just didn't bother. Now Rabblemaster is cheap so I picked him up. We'll see what he does.
Pyrewild Shaman > Goblin Rabblemaster

I'm not sure if this is correct or not. It was pointed out to me that Torch Fiend might as well be [Smelt] because it's ONLY ever a sideboard card in the red deck. We'll see if 3 artifact destruction effects in red are enough.
Torch Fiend > Borderland Marauder

When I first started this cube, there were many cards I had no notion of the power level of. At the time I believed Inquisition and Despise were in the same league, but I have since learned. I hate putting a new proxy in, but what must be done...
Despise > Inquisition of Kozilek

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