Noble Hierarch > Noble Hierarch

Oko ain’t fun.

Great card but meh, don’t love playing against him lol.
Oko, Thief of Crowns > Hydroid KrasisCultivate > Cultivate

Dual #6

Slowed down a bit recently due to Covid and work concerns. I lost my job but decided to get myself a condolence present anyway and went for a Volcanic!
Wandering Fumarole > Volcanic Island

Ikoria Update!

Doing a massive update! Not sure about a lot of these but variety is the spice of life! A few maybe on the horizon like the Broodmoth but we'll see how these play out!
Basilisk Collar > Ketria TriomeTreasure Map > Savai TriomeRatchet Bomb > Indatha TriomeSorcerous Spyglass > Zagoth TriomeCrystal Shard > Sea-Dasher OctopusTorrential Gearhulk > Shark TyphoonThe Royal Scions > Rielle, the EverwiseVraska, Relic Seeker > Fiend ArtisanVindicate > Lurrus of the Dream-DenVoracious Hydra > Kogla, the Titan ApeVivien, Champion of the Wilds > Vivien, Monsters' AdvocateRishadan Port > Raugrin Triome

Banishing Light > Elspeth Conquers Death

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