The Dual Project

I have decided against my better judgement to start buying duals. Maybe one per month, but we'll see. January is Taiga time.
Mystic Snake > Oko, Thief of CrownsGruul Signet > Taiga

Tune Up

Serra the Benevolent > Sun TitanMikaeus, the Lunarch > ReveillarkLinvala, Keeper of Silence > Gideon, Ally of ZendikarBribery > Man-o'-WarPiper of the Swarm > Liliana, the Last HopeWildfire > PyroclasmLight Up the Stage > Koth of the HammerBurning of Xinye > Wheel of FortuneWildborn Preserver > Sylvan CaryatidSupreme Verdict > Reflector Mage

Curse of Predation > Wickerbough Elder

Cheeky little update

Nothing too crazy here.
Echo of Eons > Force of NegationGoblin Engineer > Goblin BombardmentJadelight Ranger > Once Upon a TimeWilderness Reclamation > Curse of PredationRhythm of the Wild > Huntmaster of the FellsSaheeli, Sublime Artificer > ElectrolyzeAurelia, Exemplar of Justice > Ajani VengeantPrismatic Lens > Prismatic VistaVantress Gargoyle > UpheavalLightning HelixRemorseful Cleric

Sphinx's Revelation > Soulherder

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