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Kaldheim Update

Taranika, Akroan Veteran > Hero of BretagardVesperlark > Hero of BretagardVesperlark > Resplendent MarshalVesperlark > Righteous ValkyrieGallant Cavalry > Righteous ValkyrieGallant Cavalry > Sigrid, God-FavoredBattletide Alchemist > Glorious ProtectorBattletide Alchemist > Glorious ProtectorEat to Extinction > Varragoth, Bloodsky SireEyeblight Cullers > Skemfar ShadowsageEyeblight Cullers > Skemfar ShadowsageHunter of Eyeblights > Thornmantle StrikerHunter of Eyeblights > Thornmantle StrikerNadier's Nightblade > Elderfang RitualistNadier's Nightblade > Elderfang RitualistNadier's Nightblade > Elderfang RitualistDreamshaper Shaman > Goldspan DragonBramblewood Paragon > Elvish WarmasterBramblewood Paragon > Elvish WarmasterBramblewood Paragon > Wolverine RidersNeheb, the Worthy > Immersturm PredatorBoltwing Marauder > Immersturm PredatorBelbe, Corrupted Observer > Sarulf, Realm EaterChevill, Bane of Monsters > Harald, King of SkemfarJarad, Golgari Lich Lord > Lathril, Blade of the Elves

Kethis, the Hidden Hand > Doran, the Siege Tower

Nissa Revane > Tyvar Kell

Removing the remaining Check lands

This is an update that is also a placeholder. The Nissa Revane will be Tyvar Kell from Kaldheim, once it is able to update. The goal of these 5 planeswalkers were to give 5 planeswalkers to each color with at least four abilities of some sort. Ie Loyalty, static abilities, etc. Each of these planeswalkers fit that description for me (once Tyvar is added of course).
Isolated Chapel > Gideon BlackbladeSulfur Falls > Teferi, Master of TimeWoodland Cemetery > Liliana, Dreadhorde GeneralClifftop Retreat > Chandra, Torch of DefianceHinterland Harbor > Nissa Revane

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