Creakwood Liege > Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis

Keldon Marauders > Falkenrath Gorger

Change #17 - C19 Update

Was extremely hyped for this set at announcement... that faded. fast. Violent Eruption > Violent Eruption (art change)
Utvara Hellkite > Anje's RavagerNeheb, Dreadhorde Champion > Wildfire Devils

Change #16 - M20 Update

AKA Tribal Masters sorta Humans (and kinda Zombies) is back. A lot of this reflects what I wrote in the last post. Will use the 2/3 misprint Corpse Knight once I find one - - - Ninjas! Thief of Sanity > Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow The Scarab God > Fallen Shinobi Dread Wanderer > Changeling Outcast - - - Zombies! Mind Rake > Curse of Shallow Graves Gutterbones > Gravecrawler - - - Decided I don't like 1 mana counterspells Force Spike > Rune Snag - - - Misc Catacomb Sifter > Meren of Clan Nel Toth
Lone Rider > Grateful ApparitionEthersworn Canonist > Ancestral BladeParallax Wave > Thalia's LieutenantSkyship Plunderer > Brineborn CutthroatShu Yun, the Silent Tempest > Spectral SailorBooster Tutor > Embodiment of AgoniesFirst-Sphere Gargantua > Rotting RegisaurNecropolis Fiend > Knight of the Ebon LegionVarchild, Betrayer of Kjeldor > Glint-Horn BuccaneerFlametongue Kavu > Chandra, Acolyte of FlameLife from the Loam > Nightpack AmbusherGiant Adephage > Voracious HydraHero of Bladehold > Champion of the ParishHadana's Climb > Bounding KrasisElenda, the Dusk Rose > Corpse Knight

pre M20 update notes

Will cut +1/+1 counter support from U, strengthen it in white. - Skyship Plunderer > Grateful Apparition (thx WAR) Gonna give some support to flash/tempo instead. - Hadana's Climb > Bounding Krasis? - Nightpack Ambusher - A new simic custom with a trigger similar to Ambusher Gonna readd Humans - Mayor of Avabruck (works for flash as well) - Champion of the Parish - Thalia's Lieutenant Other stuff - Cutting Lone Rider for one of the above - Ethersword Canonist is weird... > Ancestral Blade is swords and bears and unbeatable - Big Bontu hasn't been great, might try out the black Cavalier, but not hyped for it - Chandra, Acolyte of Flame is pretty cute and I guess good. red 3s are quite stacked tho. - Shinewend suuucks. Not sure how important enchantment removal actually is. - I should prolly cut Parallax Wave since I added Soulherder - It is 3:34 am, I should stop - couple slam dunks - Glint-Horn Cuccaneer is good with discarding means its good in here - Rotten Reggie is fucking stupid. I love him - Voracióus Hydra is cool and good with Hardened Scales - Embodiment of Agonies is cool and good with Dredge effects and Unearth effect

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