Harm's Way > EphemerateMana Tithe > Conclave TribunalTime of Ice > Jace BelerenCurious Homunculus > Baral, Chief of ComplianceWretched Gryff > Murmuring MysticOrc Sureshot > Gurmag AnglerThriving Rhino > Evolution SageCloudblazer > Elite GuardmageSpell Queller > Reflector MageVenser, the Sojourner > SoulherderZealous Persecution > Cruel Celebrant

Updates: Mana Rocks

Coalition Relic seems a bit over powered and unnecessarily complicated. Fire Diamond was intended to help support the Wildfire deck but is lackluster. Added the Talismans; both support Wildfire & the izzet one also helps supports the Artifact deck.
Coalition Relic > Darksteel IngotFire Diamond > Talisman of ImpulsePerilous Myr > Talisman of Creativity

Updates to Green: Ramp

Working on Green's ability to get ramped up and close out a game once there. Increasing the density of elves and removing some of the green aggro 1 drops that don't directly play into the +1/+1 counters theme. Adding Plow Under, Tooth and Nail, & Green Sun's Zenith as exciting payoffs for going deep into ramp.
Kessig Prowler > Birds of ParadiseTwinblade Slasher > Elvish MysticRampant Growth > FarseekHarmonize > Plow UnderMockery of Nature > Tooth and NailCytoplast Root-Kin > TerastodonBlastoderm > Green Sun's ZenithCivic Wayfinder > Courser of Kruphix

Epochrasite > Perilous Myr

Small adjustments

Daretti's repeatable removal has seemed to powerful and WAR gave us a great option to try. Saheeli fits in spells matters and acts as a signpost for artifact support in Izzet.
Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast > Angrath, Captain of ChaosNucklavee > Saheeli, Sublime Artificer

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