Update: Time Spiral (and Leovold)

After thinking about it for a bit, I realized that the cut for Time Spiral was almost certainly As Foretold. As the cube has skewed more towards big mana artifact strategies, the card has been doing less and less work even in decks where I think it should be good. It's too much of a tempo loss and doesn't accelerate fast enough to keep up with what the artifact decks can do now. Time Spiral will replace it as a card that can do very powerful things in the right shell, be it an artifact deck or the Leovold/Narset wheels deck. Speaking of... time for Leovold is now! Cutting Tasigur hurts but I think it's correct. I'd really like to find room for Tasigur, maybe in the black section once again, but as of now I don't know what I'd cut...
As Foretold > Time SpiralTasigur, the Golden Fang > Leovold, Emissary of Trest

To 540!

All the pieces are here! Now just to wait on the improvements... - Once I get access to Wheel of Fortune (probably replacing Light Up the Stage) and/or Time Spiral (probably replacing Condescend or Show and Tell), Leovold comes in over Tasigur. - Ravages of War will eventually replace Sublime Archangel, most likely, if I don't bring in Baneslayer first. - Vampiric Tutor probably replaces Makeshift Mannequin, but I want to see how the card performs first - I may like it! - Karn Liberated is going to replace Ugin, the Ineffable, but I don't need to rush on that one. - Eventually I'll complete the fetchland cycle, probably replacing the enemy fast lands to do so... - At some point I'd like to pick up a Sword of Fire and Ice and a Sword of Feast and Famine, but I don't think I need to rush on those either.
Sublime ArchangelAnafenza, Kin-Tree SpiritGideon BlackbladeHarm's WayMeloku the Clouded MirrorControl MagicArcane DenialTolarian AcademyShriekmawSarcomancyDiregraf GhoulMakeshift MannequinWishclaw TalismanEmissary of GrudgesSiege-Gang CommanderEmbereth Shieldbreaker // Battle DisplayFiredrinker SatyrFlames of the FirebrandLight Up the StageVerdurous GearhulkNightpack AmbusherDevoted DruidSong of the DryadsOath of NissaAsh BarrensUndiscovered ParadiseGrand ColiseumGemstone MineCrystal VeinChromatic LanternMetalworkerFleetwheel CruiserLodestone GolemGolos, Tireless PilgrimMindslaverUgin, the IneffableLyra DawnbringerMetallic MimicRanger-Captain of EosVedalken ShacklesTezzeret the SeekerLiliana, Dreadhorde GeneralNissa, Who Shakes the WorldSword of Sinew and SteelSword of Body and Mind

Further update to Rakdos, in anticipation of 540

It does kinda hurt to remove two Blood Artist effects but I feel like Warboss and Attrition both provide support for the Aristocrats deck while being playable outside of the archetype. Night's Whisper is a decent card and may come back in if black needs a cheap draw spell but otherwise I feel like it's filler. Hissing Iguanar may secretly be the best Blood Artist but it's also incredibly fragile and inflexible for its cost. Mayhem Devil has a lot of cross-archetype synergy and does some really cool things, especially in the lands deck, but I think it doesn't support Rakdos decks as well as Rakdos Cackler will. If Rakdos Aristocrats is a deck that skews aggro, then Cackler will help provide red, black, and Rakdos aggro decks with the one-drop density they need by being one of the best one-drops in those colors. Since the Rakdos aggro decks in this cube are pushed towards Aristocrats by cards like Judith, Goblin Bombardment, Falkenrath Aristocrat, and now Attrition, the Aristocrats deck should start to come together whenever Rakdos Aggro does.
Night's Whisper > AttritionHissing Iguanar > Legion WarbossMayhem Devil > Rakdos Cackler

Considering 540

I've noticed that the cube may be getting to the point where once again I'd appreciate more space to include some cards I'd really like to play but just can't find room for at this size. Doing so would be a bit of an undertaking that would require both time and money, so it may be a little ways off. Still, it bears thinking about, as I could possibly draw up a way to expand the cube cheaply now and wait on the more pricey upgrades. Here's my current consideration for additions: White creatures: Tithe Taker or Anafenza, Lyra Dawnbringer, Ranger-Captain of Eos, Leonin Warleader or Shalai Voice of Plenty or Sublime Archangel or Baneslayer Angel White noncreatures: Gideon Blackblade, Ravages of War (ideally but not immediately, either over Cataclysm or played alongside it) or Seal of Cleansing or Harm's Way Blue creatures: Meloku the Clouded Mirror Blue noncreatures: Tezzeret the Seeker, Vedalken Shackles, Control Magic, Tolarian Academy, Time Spiral (ideally but not immediately) or Arcane Denial Black creatures: Shriekmaw, Cryptbreaker or Sarcomancy or Skinrender, Diregraf Ghoul or God-Eternal Bontu Black noncreatures: Liliana Dreadhorde General or Sinkhole, Wishclaw Talisman, Vampiric Tutor (ideally but not immediately) or Exhume or Makeshift Mannequin Red creatures: Siege-Gang Commander, Emissary of Grudges, Firedrinker Satyr, Embereth Shieldbreaker or Lightning Mauler Red noncreatures: Wheel of Fortune (ideally but not immediately) or Light Up the Stage, Castle Embereth or Chandra Acolyte of Flame or Flames of the Firebrand or Devil's Play Green creatures: Verdurous Gearhulk, Devoted Druid, Nightpack Ambusher Green noncreatures: Nissa Who Shakes the World or Vivien Reid, Oath of Nissa, Song of the Dryads or Blossoming Defense or Channel (still wary of Channel's power, but I really want to try the card again, both because the art is pretty and because I think the cube has more interesting ways to take advantage of the card now than it did before, especially with wheels and the lands deck) Lands: Undiscovered Paradise, Ash Barrens, Gemstone Mine, Grand Coliseum, Crystal Vein Artifacts: Metalworker, Metallic Mimic, Lodestone Golem, Golos Tireless Pilgrim, Mindslaver, Sword of Sinew and Steel, Sword of Body and Mind, Sword of Fire and Ice (ideally but not immediately), Sword of Feast and Famine (ideally but not immediately), Fleetwheel Cruiser (maybe in place of SoFi or SoFe), Chromatic Lantern or Ratchet Bomb (maybe in place of SoFi or SoFe) Colorless spells: Karn Liberated (ideally but not immediately) or Ugin the Ineffable

Harm's Way > Stoneforge Mystic

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