DismemberNighthawk ScavengerKaervek, the SpitefulKargan IntimidatorMagmatic ChannelerGlasspool Mimic // Glasspool ShoreSublime EpiphanySkyclave ApparitionFelidar RetreatScute SwarmKazandu Mammoth // Kazandu ValleyPanharmoniconAngrath's RampageRadha, Heart of KeldYasharn, Implacable EarthNissa of Shadowed BoughsNicol Bolas, the RavagerVillainous WealthFabled PassageUltimate PriceSkinrenderVexing DevilKiln FiendPia and Kiran NalaarAugur of BolasTemporal MasterySeal of CleansingKarmic GuideScute MobYavimaya ElderOracle of Mul DayaLyzolda, the Blood WitchBloodbraid ElfMirari's WakeLotleth Troll

Ashiok, Nightmare WeaverCharnel Troll > Lotleth TrollGelectrode > Izzet CharmRenegade Rallier > Emmara, Soul of the AccordSelkie Hedge-Mage > Mystic SnakeCreeping Tar PitLightning GreavesSword of Fire and IceSword of Feast and FamineFastbond > Arbor ElfBeast Within > Scavenging OozeSphere of the SunsEverflowing ChaliceBasalt Monolith

A bit more cheap interaction

Supreme Will > RemandDelver of Secrets > Vendilion CliqueSea Gate Oracle > Augur of BolasRaise the Alarm > CondemnTombstalker > Ultimate PriceSidisi, Undead Vizier > Inquisition of KozilekLava Spike > Burst LightningPyroclasm > Searing Spear

Power Up

Draft: 60 cards in every color
Harrow > CultivateCabal Therapy > UnearthRead the Bones > Night's WhisperRegisaur Alpha > Huntmaster of the FellsArid Mesa > Arid MesaSatyr Wayfinder > Wall of RootsMikaeus, the Lunarch > ArmageddonDictate of Heliod > BalanceVerix Bladewing > Bonecrusher Giant // StompPath of Discovery > Sylvan LibrarySkullclampChrome MoxSensei's Divining TopVampire Nighthawk > Ruin RaiderDoom Whisperer > God-Eternal BontuWilderness Reclamation > Multani, Yavimaya's AvatarSpell Swindle > NegateAzusa, Lost but Seeking > Oracle of Mul DayaThe Antiquities War > Temporal MasteryPull from Tomorrow > OppositionSinister Sabotage > Show and TellThink Twice > Force of WillDictate of Kruphix > Jace BelerenDeath Cloud > Mind TwistTinkerMana DrainJace, Architect of Thought > Fae of Wishes // GrantedVance's Blasting CannonsBurning WishExplore > ChannelExploration > FastbondBeast Whisperer > Surrak, the Hunt CallerMasked AdmirersCommune with the Gods > Once Upon a TimeElephant Guide > Kiora, Behemoth BeckonerPrimal Command > Yasova Dragonclaw

Remove Artifact matter

Tezzeret, Agent of BolasSai, Master ThopteristGlint-Nest CraneMarionette MasterCranial PlatingScrap TrawlerEverflowing ChaliceAmulet of VigorWayfarer's BaubleProphetic PrismEtched ChampionSphere of the SunsHorn of GreedThrone of the God-PharaohVedalken OrreryWinter OrbCultivator's Caravan

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