Pseudo Commanders

**********Special Rule : Pseudocommanders (shortcut : PC)********** A commander-eligible (legendary creatures & PW with the mention) card can be moved from the deck to the command zone at the beginning of the game. It becomes your PC. These cards are drafted as any other cards, drafter will have to factor this in their draft choices. Regular rules of duelcommander* except: Color identity check : Yes but with +1 color (adjustable : regular strict rule / +2 color / no rule). This rule can be represented by the Prismatic Emblem. The minimum number of cards remaining in the deck after moving the PC to the CZ is 40. In a match, if player A has a PC and player B has none, player B can get a PC golem token. The PC golem token is a 3/4 flying for 3 that is all colors. (ajustable stats) If no player has a PC, play the match without PC. All players must chose their initial PC at the same time (chose face down, reveal at the same time). Players that dont want a PC at this time have to face down a basic land so the choice remains hidden. More options : If the 3color commanders are too colored, an aditionnal rule could be added that allows to filter a generic mana into a colored mana of the PC color identity that can be used once a turn and only to cast the PC *: Paraphrasing : When the PC changes zone, it can be put back in the CZ instead. Dies/exile trigger work, see Commander rules. It can be put back in the command zone infinitely ( this one might be a variable of adjuments for the cube : a limitation would help allowing brokenish PCs like Derevii but would make Scarab God even better than he already is). Players can change their PC between games. The PC + deck must remain legal after swap. The PC can be cast as if it was in your hand. Each cast costs 2 more than the previous one. 40 PC are available Right now (43 legal - 3 PPC that are closer to reanimator targets than to actual PC options) All triplets will soon have an eligible PC (only temur missing). 5/10 guilds have a potential PC : UB BR UG BW & RW. Dont feel like fixing that as long as the color identity rule is not fully enforced since there is so little room in bicolor. Each monocolor has at least 5 options except black (3 real options and 2 reanimator targets) and green (4 option). Identified options : B : Drana / Liliana / Kalitas / Braids / Gonti G: Rishkar / Yisan / Titania But I'll probably leave it as it is and 'fix' the broken options first (enforcing a PC 'banlist' would be strenuous while keeping the cards in the 360). PC "Banlist" TBD post experiment. Foreseen : Jace / Urza / Rofellos / Vannifar / Derevii

W+ Luminarch Aspirant : +1/+1 enabler, human 2-drop, STTC W- Spear of Heliod : The anthem effect that never got there. R+ Underworld Breach : Storm support that might also work as a value engine in some other decks R- Past in Flames : Very specific to storm and quite subpar at what it does. R+ Magmatic Channeler : great in spellslinging, decent as a discard outlet for rea (not really the right color tho). R- Runaway Steam-Kin : Too monoR oriented) G+ Gilded Goose : a dork that does more than just mana. G- Avacyn's Pilgrim : a dork that has a drawback in the PC context. Noble hierarch gets a pass because it's so great. 3C- Lord Windgrace : very specific to lands and a PW, which are sometimes too hard to take off the board. Of note : LGW was the only PC for lands, while aristocrasts have Judith. Might need to look deeper into that issue. 3C+ Korvold, Fae-Cursed King : very similar to LWG and Gitrog. Might open up a jund aristocrats build. 0- Retrofitter Foundry : too mana intensive, except with Urza as a PC, and Urza doesnt need it to be kinda broken. Too bad, the card is kinda fun when it works 3C+ Atla Palani, Nest Tender : Naya PC that comboes with Mirror entity L- Terramorphic Expanse : too slow for the pace of this cube. 3C+ Derevi, Empyrial Tactician : Bant pseudocommander. next best option would be Chulane, Teller of Tales ? L- Simic Growth Chamber : Not a single way to abuse it in the 360. The karoo lands are too slow for a legacy x DC pace L+ Waterlogged Grove : Not really connected to the guild's theme (ramp/pod), but better tempo-wise UG+ Hydroid Krasis : Finally got my hands on a copy. Great payoff for ramp UG- Kiora, the Crashing Wave : it was fun spamming out 9/9s, but didnt push people into drafting Simic. BW- Ashen Rider : not really a BW card. It was a fine option for reanimator, but I'd rather give BW a better identity. BW+ General Kudro of Drannith : PC option that gives the color pair a double hatebear x human orientation.
Spear of Heliod > Luminarch AspirantPast in Flames > Underworld BreachRunaway Steam-Kin > Magmatic ChannelerAvacyn's Pilgrim > Gilded GooseLord Windgrace > Korvold, Fae-Cursed KingRetrofitter Foundry > Atla Palani, Nest TenderTerramorphic Expanse > Derevi, Empyrial TacticianSimic Growth Chamber > Waterlogged GroveKiora, the Crashing Wave > Hydroid KrasisAshen Rider > General Kudro of Drannith


*********BW paradigm*********** Giving the guild a disrupt theme seems the way to go. B+ Mesmeric fiend ? B- Custodi lich ? Night's whisper ? dread wanderer ? Giving more disrupt to black would help shaping the BW archetype. BW- Lingering souls might move to white BW- Unburial rites might move to black BW+ two of the anti-combo hatebear /disrupt *************Hatebears : ( ) = already in the list ************* Containment priest Eidolon of rhetorics (Ethersworn Canonist) (tithe taker) (Thalia V1) Leonin arbiter Aegis of the gods Spirit of the labyrinth Archon of Emeria Vryn wingmare (Aven mindcensor) (Vendilion clique) Collector ouphe Tidehollow sculler Kambal, consul of Allocation Kunoros, Hound of Athreos (General Kudro of Drannith) *******Options :********* W+ Seasoned Hallowblade : Solid human 2 drop W+ Archon of Emeria : great hatebear W+ Basri's Lieutenant : a bit expensive +1/+1 counter payoff. Acts as a persist creature for the combo (requires another creature). W+ Kenrith, the Returned King : does everything and probably too much because it ends up overpriced. W+ Elspeth Conquers Death : Sagas are nice and this one is good removal + slow reanimate. Might be too pricey tho W+ Emiel the Blessed : blink support / +1/+1 counter support. Bit expensive tho. U+ Shark typhoon : way too $$$ for now, but it's a very nice modal card U+ Thassa's oracle : Got a copy for DC but now that it's banned, it has no more room. Has no combo support in the cube for now, I could try to give tainted pact a shot (which can act as a sort of impulse with risks). U+ Nadir Kraken : looked spicy at first, but probably too fair. U+ Thassa's Intervention : modal card U+ Barrin, Tolarian Archmage : Aether adept that hits PWs and that is a sort-of-blink engine later on. U+ Vedalken Shackles - Probably too strong in monoU and too weak in UX. B+ Priest of forgotten gods : Aristo/token payoff B+ Ophiomancer : Aristo/token enabler B+ Oathsworn Knight : looked spicy at first, but probably too fair. B+ Nightmare Shepherd : tricks enabler. Probably too slow. B+ Tymaret Calls the Dead : Sagas etc. Zombie synergie + graveyard synergies. B+ Nighthawk Scavenger : better than the vampire one, but how much better ? R+ Castle Embereth : Barbarian ring is played 100% of the time, but sometimes it's nice to change R+ Irencrag Pyromancer : giving red a bit of a control feeling ? The color probably lacks ways to trigger it regularly R+ Anax, Hardened in the Forge - might call for a goblin bombardment / weaponize the monsters return - already got into the 4C peasant cube, might get into both. G+ Return to Nature : a bit of hate for artifact / rea G+ Vivien, Monsters' Advocate : an alternative to Nissa. Would call for a return of Courser of Kruphix and/or Oracle of Mul Daya (great synergy) G+ Rishkar, Peema's Renegade as a +1/+1 enabler. G+ Finale of devastation as a good tutor that doubles as a kill for infinite mana decks BW+ Lurrus of the Dream-Den GU+ Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath 3C+ Kalamax, The stormsire as the last 3C PC (Temur). Seems better than Maestrom wanderer or Animar. ********BrainSTORMing Ideas :********** Tendrils of agony / Aetherflux reservoir / Mind's desire / Empty the warrens dark ritual / LED / Seething song / Desperate ritual package / Rite of flame Package / Manamorphose / Gitaxian probe Dark petition / Infernal tutor / Merchant scroll / grim tutor River Kelpie / Turnabout / Thousand year storm / Memory Jar / Grinning ignus / Finale of promise / Soulfire Grandmaster Heartbeat of spring, Manamorphose and Squandered ressources are out of the question since they are green and I dont want to give weird signals to the players, even if HBoS can cross over to G ramp and SR to lands, especially with Korvold in the 360.

W- : Selfless spirit W- : Karmic guide : only works in reveillark and/or kiki combo. Could help getting the curve lighter. W+ : Ethersworn canonist W+ : Aven Mindcensor I'd like W to be a bit more anti combo, less anti control and less combo. Moreover, Selfless spirit doesnt even work against settle the wreckage. Ethersworn canonist is particularly good against storm and spells matter (and thalia too), the other hatebear should edge against a different kind of combo, so I targeted the bazilions tutors of the G archetypes. Tithe Taker might take the axe next. U+ Emry U- Sai Feel like swaping those to in order to change a bit what UR artifact does. Emry has more synergies with the Daretti/Welder part of the archetype. U+ Inkwell leviathan : tinker misses a target since the cut of sphinx of steel winds. Leviathan is a tinker/reanimator target that wins game over 3+ turns, which is the target for such beasts. U- spellseeker : Ends up way too often in the SB. Small nerf to storm U+ Shelldock Isle U- Academy ruins Small change to the blue land. Shelldock brings some support to storm but can be cut/picked for other archetypes. Academy was only ever used with both the cloudpost package AND mindslaver. Mindslaver dont need to be infinite to be strong. R+ Embereth Shieldbreaker is a nice artefact hoser that fits the red curve nicely R- Mizzium mortars : Red is not really a control color since the wildfire archetype has been cut. Would have been Goblin engineer if inkwell was not in the INs of this update. I wanna see if it works as an enabler in grixis rea. G- Craterhoof behemoth G+ End-Raze Forerunners Weakening the green top end in order to balance out the critical turn among colors/archetypes.
Selfless Spirit > Ethersworn CanonistKarmic Guide > Aven MindcensorSpellseeker > Inkwell LeviathanSai, Master Thopterist > Emry, Lurker of the LochAcademy Ruins > Shelldock IsleMizzium Mortars > Embereth Shieldbreaker // Battle DisplayCraterhoof Behemoth > End-Raze Forerunners

Ikoria / M21 update

W+ Heliod, Sun-Crowned : for the combo with ballista or Finks + sac outlet W- Charming Prince : way too meh B+ Rankle, master of Pranks : looks like fun, works as a discard outlet, one time sac outlet. B- Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet : too midrangey for black B+ Woe Strider : a sac outlet that doubles as a graveyard matters tool B- Drana, liberator of Malakir : too slow and pushes drafter to think that +1+1 counters are a thing in black. B+ Heartless act as a universal removal that has niche applications (TiTI, ??) B- fatal push. Tempo is not as important as killing what you want to kill, especially when facing ramp/rea 0C- Bonesplitter : too light even of aggro 0C+ Retrofitter foundry : cut from the peasant cube, too nice not to be in any of my cubes. Might be too niche without urza and a deep artifact draft. UR+ Sprite dragon for URx spells UR- Stormchaser mage : Same concept but way weaker most of the time. BG+ Fiend artisan : great in all Gx or Bx creature combo decks, as well as midrange and in Rec/Sur/Pod shells. BG- The Gitrog Monster : TGM seems the most logical cut since the addition of lord windgrace.
Charming Prince > Heliod, Sun-CrownedKalitas, Traitor of Ghet > Rankle, Master of PranksDrana, Liberator of Malakir > Woe StriderFatal Push > Heartless ActBonesplitter > Retrofitter FoundryStormchaser Mage > Sprite DragonThe Gitrog Monster > Fiend Artisan

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