W creature final picks

this makes my 78 card total, i think i like these picks. This cube will change so much with a few plays.
Alaborn MusketeerAmrou KithkinAngel of MercyAngelic CuratorAngelic PageArdent SoldierBenalish MissionaryBenalish KnightBattlewise AvenAysen BureaucratsAven RedeemerAven FlockAuramancerArmored PegasusArmored GriffinCapashen TemplarCapashen UnicornCoalition Honor GuardCombat MedicCrossbow InfantryDaru LancerDaru StingerDeath SpeakersDefender en-VecDevoted HeroDevout HarpistDevout MonkDiving GriffinDuskrider FalconField SurgeonFreewind FalconGempalm AvengerFrontline StrategistFresh VolunteersFemeref KnightFarrel's ZealotElite JavelineerEkundu GriffinEager CadetGlory SeekerGustcloak RunnerHeavy BallistaIcatian MoneychangerIcatian JavelineersHonor GuardJamuraan LionKnight of ValorKnight ErrantKjeldoran GuardKjeldoran Elite GuardMilitant MonkMine BearerMonk IdealistMounted ArchersMystic ZealotNoble TemplarPegasus ChargerPious WarriorRazorfoot GriffinRevered ElderSacred KnightSamite PilgrimSamite AlchemistSerra PaladinShield MateShieldmage AdvocateSkyshroud FalconSoul CharmerStanding TroopsSteadfast GuardSustainer of the RealmTask ForceTemple AcolyteTireless TribeTormented AngelTown SentryTrade CaravanVenerable MonkVeteran CavalierWall of HopeWall of ResistanceZhalfirin Knight

W non creature, few more

numbers were wrong in my notes, had to take out a few more to balance properly. still need to pick creatures
Empyrial ArmorNoble SteedsPietyRallyAura Blast

W non creature final picks

LOTS of difficult choices, and i'm still debating a few moves, but this feels about right. i need to keep about 24 more creatures in my notes and then i'll have W finished
AfterlifeAlarumAngelic BlessingArmor of FaithBandageBattle ScreechCapashen StandardChange of HeartCho-Manno's BlessingCongregateConvictionCrown of AweDemystifyDefensive ManeuversDeath WardDazzling BeautyDust to DustDragon ScalesFanatical DevotionFloating ShieldFrantic PurificationFuneral PyreFylgjaGilded LightGossamer ChainsGuardian AngelGuided StrikeGuilty ConscienceHero's ResolveHoly ArmorHoly LightHumbleInviolabilityIron WillIvory CharmJust FateKjeldoran PrideLead AstrayLashknifeMask of Law and GraceMoraleMuzzleOff BalanceOpal CaryatidOpal ChampionOpal GargoyleOrim's CureOrim's TouchParapetPay No HeedPrismatic CircleProtective SphereRay of RevelationRedeemRemedyRemove EnchantmentsRenewed FaithRhystic CircleRhystic ShieldRighteous ChargeSandskinScent of JasmineSeal of CleansingSerra BestiaryShacklesShelterShield of Duty and ReasonSolidaritySoothing BalmToppleUnified StrikeWarningWipe Clean

W Feelbads

These are cards that have better versions (usually at the same cost) or ust rub me the wrong way with their ability, or I just think out and out cause a feelbad
Abbey MatronAlabaster WallAllayAlmsAngelic WallAnointArdent MilitiaArgivian BlacksmithArtifact WardAura FractureAven CloudchaserAven LiberatorBattlefield MedicBenalish LancerBenevolent UnicornBlessed WineBorder PatrolCagemailCarrier PigeonsCease-FireCharging PaladinClergy en-VecCloudchaser EagleCrimson AcolyteD'Avenant ArcherDaru HealerDaru SanctifierDaru SpiritualistDaunting DefenderDedicated MartyrDefender of LawDevout WitnessDisciple of GraceDisempowerDive BomberDivine LightDivine OfferingDisciple of LawElvish HealerEmboldenEnchanted BeingEquinoxExpendable TroopsFemeref HealerFend OffGrassland CrusaderGravel SlingerHealHealing SalveHelionautHeroic DefianceHipparionHobbleHoly StrengthIcatian LieutenantKeen-Eyed ArchersKor ChantLast BreathLightning BlowHonorable ScoutLowland TrackerMageta's BoonMesa FalconMiracle WorkerNetter en-DalNightwind GliderNomads en-KorObsidian AcolyteOsai VulturesPath of PeacePatrol HoundPhantom NomadPrismatic WardPrison BarricadeRadiant's JudgmentRay of DistortionRepentant BlacksmithResistance FighterRestrainReviving DoseRighteous AvengersRitual of SteelSanctum CustodianSacred NectarSamite HealerRoyal FalconSilent AttendantSilkenfist FighterSoltari EmissarySoul ShepherdSpirit FlareSpirit en-KorSpotted GriffinStarlight InvokerStaunch DefendersStrength of UnitySun ClaspThermal GliderTrained PronghornTrenching SteedWall of GlareWall of LightWard of LightsWarrior's ChargeWhipgrass EntanglerWild AesthirZealous Inquisitor

Nopes removed

These are just JANK that needs to leave. These are either WAY over costed or just have terrible abilities. There are also the three rebels in here, they aren't bad, but i'm not going to include them because collecting all three in draft is the only useful part of them, and i'm not going to make someone take that long shot.
Glyph of LifeReaping the RewardsProphecySecond ThoughtsSacred RitesSteadfastnessSquireTrokin High GuardAlaborn TrooperFemeref ScoutsKeepers of the FaithRegal UnicornFoot SoldiersBorder GuardPearled UnicornAven FarseerFoothill GuideMystic VisionaryWingbeat WarriorAurora GriffinAven TrooperPilgrim of JusticePilgrim of VirtueCharm PeddlerTroubled HealerLawbringerLightbringerRoyal HerbalistConfessorDefiant FalconDefiant FalconRamosian SergeantRamosian Lieutenant

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