Double Masters and Zendikar Rising Update
Cage of Hands > Ancestral BladeMidnight Scavengers > Bone PickerDoom Blade > Cast DownSearing Blaze > AbradeSavage Punch > Clear ShotOvergrown Armasaur > Conclave NaturalistsFortify > Dauntless UnitySuppression Bonds > Nahiri's BindingNarcolepsy > Bubble SnareKasmina's Transmutation > DeliberateChainer's Edict > Feed the SwarmPlated Geopede > Tuktuk Rubblefort

Stone Quarry > Forgotten Cave

Thriving BluffThriving GroveThriving HeathThriving IsleThriving Moor

Core 2021 and Jump/Start Five departing tapped lands replaced by Thriving X cycle. Cards not yet populated in CT suggested cards.
Reprobation > Swift ResponseSkophos Warleader > HobblefiendFervent Cathar > Storm CallerSpringbloom Druid > Llanowar VisionaryWarded BattlementsMistral SingerVulturous AvenChandra's MagmuttTrack DownCrystallizationStormscape ApprenticeNightscape FamiliarSangrite BacklashWild NacatlHighland Lake > Lonely SandbarForsaken Sanctuary > Secluded SteppeFoul Orchard > Barren MoorWoodland Stream > Tranquil ThicketMeandering RiverSubmerged BoneyardCinder BarrensTimber GorgeTranquil Expanse

Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Update
Trapped in the Tower > Loyal CatharThirst for Meaning > Dreamtail HeronDiabolic Edict > Boot NipperAshes to Ashes > Cavern WhispererAzra Bladeseeker > Forbidden FriendshipLash Out > Fire ProphecyPounce > Ram ThroughJungle Wayfinder > Rubbleback RhinoMaul Splicer > Jade GuardianSearch for Tomorrow > Elvish MysticWalker of the Grove > Primal HuntbeastGrowth Spiral > ShamblesharkRhizome Lurcher > Desecrator Hag

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