Update #28

**MARC UPDATE 14** Almost done with the build portion of this project, and as much as it's still fun, I'm glad it's wrapping up. For this week I mostly added some answers and some instants, as I felt we were a bit short on both. I also had a chance recently to see The Great Henge in play for the first time, and my goodness is it ever incredible. So much so that I immediately went and added one to my personal main cube, and good enough that I think it's overpowered for this one. The card card I'll single out for special attention is the reflecting pool. We have a boatload of taplands already in this cube, and a lot of double coloured costs. When doing some practice drafts I'd often end up with an aggro deck that included something like anafenza, consuls lieutenant, strangleroot geist and avatar of the resolute and wondering where I went wrong. Reflecting pool should help a lot of these decks function a little bit better. Last week I started to examine what an expected pod might look like, and we started off with Simic and Selesnya. Those were pretty much on the basis that if you start the draft in green +1+1 counters, so today let's look at the others. If you start in red, I don't see a lot of wiggle room. Most likely you will be either mono red, Rb goblins, or RB sacrifice. The other 3 colours don't appear to me to be quite as obvious, so again just from a rough estimate I think an average pod might usually have: GU +1+1 GW +1+1 R goblins RB gobs/sac GB sacrifice And those are kind of our set of "precons". The rest of the pod would perhaps be something like UB mill, UW control/blink and maybe 5 colour control, which seems pretty easy to do considering all the mana rocks and trilands we included. Over the course of the charity events we run I plan to keep track of what's being drafted (and perhaps post it on here) so whoever takes over the cube will have some immediate ideas on what needs fixing. The events themselves will be starting soon, I can't wait to see what happens!
Dungeon GeistsPeekPrecognitive PerceptionSeal of FireSmash to SmithereensWolfir AvengerAcidic SlimeFire // IceStonecoil SerpentReflecting PoolThe Great Henge > Bounty of Might

Update #27

*Milo Update 14* Added a bunch of bullshit this week. Marc and I have been drafting it on Cubetutor a lot. In the beginning, I switched the settings to 3 bots, but recently I've been able to draft with 5 bots because we have enough cards now. This isn't the best indicator of how actual drafts will go, but at least we can see what is possible. If any one reading wants to draft this Cube, we would greatly appreciate it. The only other piece of business I want to discuss are the tri-coloured cards for the Cube. So far we have Sultai and Temur covered and I believe Grixis has been reserved. Other than that, if you want to add one of the other 7 cards to this Cube just message Marc or me.
Alesha, Who Smiles at DeathGoblin BushwhackerDawn of HopeAngel of CondemnationMagistrate's ScepterThe Eldest RebornThraben InspectorBloodgift DemonMisdirectionIcefall Regent

Update #26

**MARC UPDATE 13** Just 2 posts left each after this and then we're done! As promised last week, I've replaced the Haunted dead with something new and shiny. The shepherd should be great with all of the sacrifice effects we've got. I also added a Maelstrom Wanderer that I got from Tom. He loves drafting RUG, and having cascaded in to upheaval with it once (which resolves first) it's got some stories behind it too. I've made sure to also include more removal to try to keep some of the nonsense from getting too far out of hand. Having just a few weeks left until completion, I thought I'd spend this week discussing what I see as the obvious decks in the cube. We've made some themes, so I'll start with the big one today and spend next week discussing the less supported ones. Ever since week 1 when Milo added Skatewing Spy and Abzan Falconer to set the tone, we've always made sure to add a few +1+1 counters cards every post. So how have the chips fallen since then? Well, if we look at the theme of counters, we've got the following as of my most recent update. Cards that produce +1+1 counters (59) 12w, 6u, 6b, 3r, 17g 1br, 1rg, 2wg, 2bg, 4ug, 1wr, 1ubg 3 artifact Cards that produce -1-1 counters (10) 1u, 2b, 1g 1 br, 1rg, 1wg, 1wb 2 artifact Cards that produce neither, but have synergy with the counters deck (9) 3u, 1r, 4g 1 land What those numbers tell me is that if you're playing a "counters" deck, you're probably in green, and almost certainly not in red. It is possible to build a azorius/dimir/orzhov deck around the counters, but not nearly as well supported as the green versions. Out of the colours to pair green with, white has more support but blue has more payoffs. Due to this, I'd expect in an average 8 man draft to definitely see a Simic counters deck, and a reasonable chance at a Selesnya counters deck. Next week I'll explain what I envision the rest of the "average" pod to look like, and it will be interesting to see how this plays out once we get started!
Valorous StanceSpectral ProcessionMesmerizing BenthidCondescendSmotherIngot ChewerFireboltEpochrasiteOjutai's CommandAssureMaelstrom WandererHaunted Dead > Nightmare Shepherd

Update #25

*Milo Update 13* So I missed a card last week, to keep it neutral I just threw a Palladium Myr in here. It is a card that spent a fair amount of time in and out of various Cubes. It's nothing to write home about. I also finally added Patrick's addition to the Cube - The Mimeoplasm. GOBLINS AND THE SWITCHEROO! I drafted Magic Origins with some friends a couple weeks ago. This cool guy named Miguel popped the Piledriver and I knew it was a sign. Since this red two-drop slot is so highly contested, I had to remove Rim-Rock Knight. Buh-bye. Reckless Bushwhacker was always pretty decent in the N00b Cube and was a part of trouncing that took place on camera! Searing Blood is a more interesting burn spell and I really enjoyed playing with it when it was in Standard. The five land cyclers are definitely on the weak end, but this is something I don't get to do often outside of dual lands in Cubes and I always appreciate seeing it in retail drafts. Especially, when I don't know the set very well. Which is a position that I think a lot of players might find themselves in. Flickerwisp - That's for my boy, Mark with a C. Haunting Crossroads - Budget Volrath's Stronghold. Soul Foundry - Fair Mimic Vat (more like fair Caller of the Untamed)
The MimeoplasmPalladium MyrHaunted CrossroadsRimrock Knight // Boulder Rush > Goblin PiledriverTwisted AbominationNoble TemplarChartooth CougarSearing BloodReckless BushwhackerFlickerwispSoul Foundry

Update #24

**MARC UPDATE 12** The nice thing about being able to do swaps now is that I don't need to complain about Milo's additions, I can just replace them! That being said, my arrogance still didn't compel me to swap out one of Milo's cards this week, and all his recent additions have been good. I instead spent the swap on stormblood bezerker out and another goblin in, as red is pretty much the only colour that doesn't support the +1+1 counters anyways, and the 1 drops we've added so far aren't great at getting in the red zone, so the bloodthirst may be hard to trigger. I've also decided to leave the sweet oblivion in, but I do have a spicy one to add over the haunted dead next week. Aside from the goblin swap, I threw in a bloodbraid elf to really entice Gruul drafters. I just don't envision what a gruul deck would look like right now what with green having so much +1+1 synergy and red being the only colour not to support it, so hopefully the allure of t4 bloodbraid in to t5 shivan wurm is enough to entice some beatdowns. The rest of the additions are mostly nothing special aside from the agent of treachery, which is totally awesome to blink, and the contagion engine, which is in Korean. A moment of silence for Genesis, who used to be an absolute slam dunk cube first pick but hasn't been in my cube for a while. We'll see if he can make a comeback in this cube (all for the low cost of 2G of course). This week marks the last for me to round of my discussion of each colour in cube, and we end off with white. Despite leaving it to last, I still really don't know what to make of white in this cube. All the cards in it seem pretty good to me but I don't see a strong identity to it, or an obvious colour to pair it with. White feels like it may be the Christoph Waltz of the cube, great as a supporting actor but not really able to take the lead. I'm sure Ricky Gervais could take the comparison a step further even, but we'll stay away from that on here. White has Azorius that might want to blink things, Orzhov that will want to use some tokens to sacrifice, Selesnya that wants +1+1 counters and Boros that wants to beat down. The truth is we won't know how successful any of these are until we start getting some games in but that's part of the fun of it! Just a couple of weeks left to go!
Mentor of the MeekCondemnConclave TribunalAgent of TreacheryPainful TruthsReckless WaifPhantom CentaurGenesisBloodbraid ElfContagion EngineStormblood Berserker > Ember Hauler

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