Darkness, Darkness is... too slow apparently...

Black is somehow drafting too slow and too spell heavy, adding this creature will give support to aetherborn tribal and help fix the color in general.
Daring DemolitionMidnight Entourage

Never saw this coming...

Well guys, I need more red support (again) and I also have to buff aetherworks marvel. too much artifact removal with no hope of recursion. Here comes workshop assistant to assist in that task! new cards for this final 30th pack include 3 eager constructs, night market lookout(improve black aggro for vehicles and early game), renegade tactics and brazen scourge(to buff red generally), and weldfast monitor as a buff to red that anyone else can draft as filler
Workshop AssistantWorkshop AssistantEager ConstructEager ConstructNight Market LookoutBrazen ScourgeBrazen ScourgeRenegade TacticsRenegade TacticsWeldfast MonitorWeldfast MonitorEager ConstructReckless FireweaverPropeller PioneerInventor's Goggles


Adding 5 cards so that I won't have a pack with only 10 cards in it after shuffling. Decided 2/5 of the cards should be playable by anyone (iron league steed) and the other 3 would be putting in support for U/R artificer tribal. This also helps seperate dwarf tribal from the only class based archetype for metallic mimic. Working on Aetherborn tribal update.
Iron League SteedIron League SteedInventor's ApprenticeInventor's GogglesInventor's Goggles

Larger Than LifeLarger Than LifeLifecraft CavalryLifecraft Cavalry

Inspired ChargeInspired ChargeDawnfeather EagleDawnfeather Eagle

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