Adding 5 cards so that I won't have a pack with only 10 cards in it after shuffling. Decided 2/5 of the cards should be playable by anyone (iron league steed) and the other 3 would be putting in support for U/R artificer tribal. This also helps seperate dwarf tribal from the only class based archetype for metallic mimic. Working on Aetherborn tribal update.
Iron League SteedIron League SteedInventor's ApprenticeInventor's GogglesInventor's Goggles

Larger Than LifeLarger Than LifeLifecraft CavalryLifecraft Cavalry

Inspired ChargeInspired ChargeDawnfeather EagleDawnfeather Eagle

Fixing Red (again)

In the end brazen scourge provides less value over time and only supports the aggro "red deck wins" archetype while spireside supports midrange, aggro, and vehicle archetypes for the same cost. It is also easier to cast coming in at 2R instead of 1RR
Brazen ScourgeBrazen ScourgeSpireside InfiltratorSpireside Infiltrator

Incendiary SabotageBomat CourierNight Market LookoutEnraged GiantEnraged GiantWayward GiantAppetite for the UnnaturalVengeful RebelVengeful RebelPeacewalker Colossus

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