1.2.0 Ikoria

1.1.3 Adjustments

1.1.2 Adjustments

1.1.1 B&R Announcement

Azorius: Teferi, Time Raveler (banned) —> Absorb Teferi, Time Raveler is a card that keeps you from playing Magic by preventing use of the stack. While I don't think this card is Jace, the Mind Sculptor good, it's efficiency combined with the crippling of a core game-mechanic moves me to remove it from this environment. Absorb is a great counterspell that will be welcomed by any Azorius Control player.

1.1.0 Theros Beyond Death

White: Disenchant —> Law-Rune Enforcer Wakening Sun's Avatar —> Eidolon of Obstruction Danitha Capashen, Paragon —> Emissary of Sunrise Conclave Tribunal —> Taranika, Akroan Veteran Baird, Steward of Argive —> Archon of Sun's Grace Bishop of Rebirth —> Syr Alin, the Lion's Claw Ajani, Strength of the Pride —> Elspeth, Sun's Nemesis Planar Cleansing —> Settle the Wreckage Cleansing Nova —> Shatter the Sky Hieromancer's Cage —> Banishing Light Blue: Portal of Sanctuary —> Nadir Kraken Augur of Bolas —> Thryx, the Sudden Storm Divination —> Omen of the Sea Teferi's Time Twist —> Callous Dismissal Mass Manipulation —> Kiora Bests the Sea God Black: Doomed Dissenter —> Aphemia, the Cacophony Reassembling Skeleton —> Piper of the Swarm Davriel, Rogue Shadowmage —> Woe Strider Gravedigger —> Nightmare Shepherd Ritual of Soot —> Massacre Girl The Eldest Reborn —> Eat to Extinction Liliana's Triumph —> Agonizing Remorse Bone Splinters —> Epic Downfall Red: Fervent Champion —> Rigging Runner Goblin Instigator —> Careless Celebrant Risk Factor —> Phoenix of Ash Opportunistic Dragon —> Tectonic Giant Cavalier of Flame —> Skarrgan Hellkite Jaya's Greeting —> Fateful End Banefire —> Storm's Wrath Glint-Horn Buccaneer —> Castle Embereth Green: Elfhame Druid —> Ilysian Caryatid Arboreal Grazer —> Dryad of the Ilysian Grove Woodland Champion —> Territorial Allosaurus Vivien's Arkbow —> Feasting Troll King Multi: Azorius Guildgate —> Temple of Enlightenment Absorb —> Dream Trawler Dimir Guildgate —> Temple of Deceit Thought Erasure —> Ashiok, Nightmare Muse Rakdos Guildgate —> Temple of Malice Gruul Guildgate —> Temple of Abandon Selesnya Guildgate —> Temple of Plenty Orzhov Guildgate —> Temple of Silence Golgari Guildgate —> Temple of Malady Simic Guildgate —> Temple of Mystery Izzet Guildgate —> Temple of Epiphany Boros Guildgate —> Temple of Triumph Colorless: Meteor Golem —> Chamber Sentry Forebear's Blade —> Shadowspear

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