Pending : G- Kozilek's Predator Not enough token synergies, not a good ramp card, not aesthetically great. G+ Bala Ged Recovery // Bala Ged Sanctuary (MDFC are great - not sure recollect is an effect that this cube wants) R- Cunning Sparkmage Low impact R+ Smoldering Werewolf : Red top end. RG+ Cragcrown Pathway // Timbercrown Pathway Probably weaker than gorge, but that's the point. RG- Copperline Gorge Small adjustment. I Wish the RB was available too. U(B)+ Probe (reanimator) U+ Spectral Sailor (Flash theme) U+ Nephalia Smuggler (blink on a stick but only once a turn) U+ Serendib Efreet (classic tempo) U+ Anticognition (more counterspell options) B+ Deadly Wanderings (Homicidal seclusion double) B+ Cartouche of Ambition (-1/-1 & prolif theme & a bit of 'control' over own life points) B+ Sanctum of Stone Fangs (devotion & slow control kill & shrine synergy) B+ Undead Warchief (zombies) B+ Noxious Ghoul (zombies) B+ Sling-Gang Lieutenant (gob B) B+ Bloodchief's Thirst (probably too strong tempo-wise) B+ Feed the Swarm (probably too strong tempo-wise) B+ Mind Drain (little bit of everything) B+ Thwart the Grave (need more Party targets before it makes the 240) R+ Quest for the Goblin Lord (gob) R+ Burning Prophet (spellslinging) R+ Goblin Lookout (gob) R+ Gempalm Incinerator (gob) R+ Goblin Warchief (gob) R+ Arms Dealer (gob) R+ Spikeshot Goblin Fixed version of Sparksmith ? R+ Bolt Hound (token & go wide) R+ Volley Veteran (gob) R+ Cleansing Wildfire (strong tempo against karoo lands - no landfall synergy for now) R+ Thundering Rebuke (fixed version of flame slash ?) G+ Llanowar Visionary G+ Kraul Harpooner (reach) G+ Elvish Vanguard (elves) 0+ Gingerbrute (aggro) UB+ Soaring Thought-Thief UB+ Ingenious Infiltrator (ophidien + ninja) UB+ Shadowmage Infiltrator (ophidien) L+ Gateway Plaza (4C & fixing) ***********strengthening control : more options************ Vampire Nighthawk => Gifted Aetherborn if too strong Breath of Darigaaz / Kindle the Carnage / Smoldering Werewolf as a second sweeper / top end for Rx control Flame Slash but might be too good, tempo-wise Wall of Blossoms => Moment's Peace / Tangle / Spore Frog Sun Droplet / Elixir of Immortality / Icy Manipulator


B+ Subtle Strike for the prolif synergy. B- Skulduggery Not bad, but subtle strike seems marginally better B+ Skyclave Shadowcat sacrifice & +1/+1 synergy B- Nantuko Husk : a bit mindless when paire with red token makers. R+ Song-Mad Treachery // Song-Mad Ruins - MDFC threaten + R- Act of Treason - shouldve been Threaten (old frame) from the start - threaten - R+ Roil Eruption kicker is nice, even more when the "good" part is the unkicked one R- Searing Spear A bit sad to reduce the number a card that work with Brineborn Cutthroat, but Red is a bit too instant oriented. G+ Khalni Ambush // Khalni Territory MDFC fight + G- Savage Punch fight - G+ Arboreal Grazer : 1 mana accelerant that synergizes well with the karoos. G- Joraga Treespeaker : This cube lacks ways to punish players from investing in the first level of the Treespeaker. G+ Avacyn's Pilgrim : lowering the power level of the cube. Only upsides of pilgrim (vs boreal druid): foil (big upside) & does stuff with sunburst & converge cards (no viable candidate identified, the 'bests' being the Skyreach Manta & Skyrider Elf) G- Llanowar Elves : lowering the power level of the cube.
Skulduggery > Subtle StrikeNantuko Husk > Skyclave ShadowcatSearing Spear > Roil EruptionAct of Treason > Song-Mad Treachery // Song-Mad RuinsSavage Punch > Khalni Ambush // Khalni TerritoryJoraga Treespeaker > Arboreal GrazerLlanowar Elves > Avacyn's Pilgrim

ZNR update

U+ Jwari Disruption // Jwari Ruins : Elegant design, I'd love to add more of those MDFC, but the options in peasant are limited U+ Ongoing Investigation (Food token) : more control support. U- Tandem Lookout The U 3cmc creature slot is clogged and this ability synergise with too few cards. U- Voidwalk Too much variace. If you can consistently trigger the cipher part, it's busted, if you cant, it's a 4 cmc cloudshift. B+ Acquisitions Expert : Ravenous rats but human and with +1 toughness bonus as well as minor synergies with party members. B- Mardu Skullhunter : worst than ravenous rats 90% of the time B+ Blackbloom Rogue // Blackbloom Bog : Elegant design. Might want to push the mill/rogue synergy with the UB lord. B- Ravenous Chupacabra : too strong for peasant. Redundant with the legacy cube B+ Elspeth's Nightmare : sagas are cool and this one is not too busted. B- Murder : this removal is too generic (and strong, see Chupa), gonna try something more fun : UB- Baleful Strix : too strong for peasant. Redundant with the legacy cube UB+ Psychatog : nostalgia shot. Probably not quite supported enough to stay (4 madness cards across UB), but we'll see. RB+ Azra Oddsmaker madness outlet BR- Claim // Fame very underwherlming RG+ Fires of Yavimaya : gives RG a Fires dimension along with Rhythm. Makes combat step richer. RG- Colossal Might : 'just' a pump. 2CMC makes it a bad combat trick expect when you just want to push thru, which is pretty poor strategy wise. 0C+ Relic Golem : packs Oomph. It's mill ability shouldn't be too good. Possibly too slow but I wanna try it. 0C- Pilgrim's Eye : lacks oomph
Tandem Lookout > Jwari Disruption // Jwari RuinsVoidwalk > Ongoing InvestigationMardu Skullhunter > Acquisitions ExpertMurder > Elspeth's NightmareRavenous Chupacabra > Blackbloom Rogue // Blackbloom BogBaleful Strix > PsychatogClaim // Fame > Azra OddsmakerColossal Might > Fires of YavimayaPilgrim's Eye > Relic Golem

U+ Hypnotic sprite // Mesmeric glare : the order of the spell/creature doesnt fit the tempo all that well U- Ominous seas : another payoff for slowing dont the game. Joins Alliance as a 'draw' payoff. B+ Mire Triton : anti aggro & graveyard synergies B+ Vampire Nighthawk : Anti aggro. If the beatdown part of the card appears too strong, it might be replaced by gifted aetherborn. B+ Essence Extraction : Anti aggro B- Ultimate Price : this removal is too good and helps aggro curving out B- Liliana's Specter : making space for Nighthawk. BB devotion flyer for another. B- Read the Bones : unexciting CA, out R+ Alchemist's Greeting : both gives madness another payoff and helps control stabilizing the board. R+ Sulfurous blast : red gets a pair of sweepers R- Light up the stage : only works when you are the agressor. This cut helps changing the paradigm of red. R- Skewer the Critics : same deal G+ Pulse of murasa : Slowing down the pace of the game G+ Wall of blossoms : same G- Hooting mandrils : a bit out of place when the only enablers in the color want the cards to stay in the grave. G- Woodland Champion : token is not really a thing. BG- Winding Constrictor Doesnt work with all the -1/-1 counters we put on opp creatures. BG+ Glowspore Shaman : one more enabler for graveyard matters UG+ Sharktocrab : Theme +1/+1 counter as a great payoff. Helps slowing down the game. UG- Growth spiral : The effect is a bit too weak for a multicolored card. Fixed mistake Cut : Hypnotic specter is Liliana's specter. Hypy is too nice to be cut Fixed mistake Addition : Shambleshark is Sharktocrab. Go Slow, not Fast.
Hypnotic Sprite // Mesmeric Glare > Ominous SeasUltimate Price > Essence ExtractionRead the Bones > Mire TritonHypnotic Specter > Vampire NighthawkSkewer the Critics > Alchemist's GreetingLight Up the Stage > Sulfurous BlastHooting Mandrills > Pulse of MurasaWoodland Champion > Wall of BlossomsWinding Constrictor > Glowspore ShamanGrowth Spiral > Shambleshark

Getting to 240 (6x 4x10)

U+ Shipwreck Dowser (Archeomancer double) U+ Illusionnist's stratagem (Ghostly Flicker double) U+ Hypnotic sprite // Mesmeric glare U+ Alirios, Enraptured (blink target) U+ Dominate (expensive mind control) B+ Gorging vulture (graveyard matters theme) B+ Ichor slick (Madness) B+ Bake into a Pie (food for Animating faerie) B+ Void Beckoner (Reanimator target & enabler) B+ Ill-gotten inheritance (devotion & slow control kill) R+ Chandra's Pyreling (burn matters) R+ Heartfire Immolator (spellslinging) R+ Staggershock (spellslinging + burn matters) R+ Goblin sledder (gob) R+ Weaponize the monsters (token) G(B)+ Spider spawning (graveyard matters) G+ Wild Onslaught (go wide) G+ Chainweb Aracnir (reach + graveyard matters) G+ Seed guardian (reach + graveyard matters) 0+ Contagion Clasp (Animating faerie & -1/-1 + prolif theme) 0+ sunset pyramid (Animating faerie & prolif theme) 0+ serrated arrows (Animating faerie & -1/-1 + prolif theme) 0+ Sky skiff (aggro ?) L+ Myriad landscape (4C & ramp)
Myriad LandscapeContagion ClaspSunset PyramidSky SkiffSerrated ArrowsShipwreck DowserIllusionist's StratagemAlirios, EnrapturedHypnotic Sprite // Mesmeric GlareDominateGorging VultureVoid BeckonerIchor SlickBake into a PieIll-Gotten InheritanceGoblin SledderHeartfire ImmolatorChandra's PyrelingStaggershockWeaponize the MonstersChainweb AracnirSeed GuardianWild OnslaughtSpider Spawning

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