More Zendikar Rising Changes

Channeler is a cool card and worth a try.
Stormblood BerserkerMagmatic Channeler

Zendikar Rising Changes

Easy! Straight upgrade to Vampire Nighthawk.
Vampire NighthawkNighthawk Scavenger

Changes to have certain cards in both extensions

- Edric / + Hydroid Crasis -> Edric in Legacy Cube (Switch) to have Crasis in Vintage Cube - Hangarback Walker / + Golos -> Walker in Legacy Cube (Switch) to have Golos in Basecube for Vintage - Earthshaker / + Eidolon -> Earthshaker in Legacy Cube (Switch) to have Eidolon in Vintage - Forsake the Wordly / + Disenchant (saves a slot in Vintage cube) - Banefire / + Bonfire of the damned - Mindstone / + Worn Powerstone (from Legacy Cube) switch - Thalia, Heretic Cathar / + Fairground Warden
Edric, Spymaster of TrestHangarback WalkerEarthshaker KhenraForsake the WorldlyBanefireMind StoneThalia, Heretic CatharHydroid KrasisGolos, Tireless PilgrimDisenchantFairgrounds WardenBonfire of the DamnedWorn PowerstoneEidolon of the Great Revel

Upgrade RG

Klothys, God of DestinyBurning-Tree Emissary

Add Karakas back in

Tidehollow ScullerKarakas

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