Temple of AbandonCinder GladeTemple of DeceitSunken HollowTemple of EnlightenmentPrairie StreamTemple of EpiphanyRaugrin TriomeTemple of MaladyZagoth TriomeTemple of MaliceSmoldering MarshTemple of MysteryKetria TriomeTemple of PlentyCanopy VistaTemple of SilenceIndatha TriomeTemple of TriumphSavai Triome

Kheru Mind-EaterRuin Raider

Kira, Great Glass-SpinnerThink Twice

ExcludeSinister SabotageEthereal Forager

Threnody SingerNimble ObstructionistThought ScourNegateMiscalculationTreasure CruiseTeferi, Temporal ArchmageJace, the Mind SculptorCompulsive Research

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