Red ORI/MM2 Update

Adding Mage-Ring Bully to try to make a red blue spells matter deck but I am unsure with as many red creatures that I have and few red spells that it will strengthen the deck much. Reckless Reveler isn't quite needed as we have torch fiend, but it may find its way back. Makka is nice for a surprise but Prickle boar is very strong overall. I needed a few larger red drops for gruul to work well. Keeping with the larger red drops, or at least quicker large re drops, I am taking out bladetusk boar which works well with the unblockable theme but can be non interactive against some decks as shadow creatures were so I am bringing in Firefiend Elemental to fill it's spot. Ghitu Slinger is a great card, but often used without paying echo for a 3 mana sorcery removal. I would rather have Inner Flame Igniter that can combo well with lots of red creatures and token builds. I have been thinking of adding a few more of the token spells to red which will hurt the value of cards like intimidator initiate and Onslaught, but will help bring the izzet spell deck into the forefront as well as give more options for token decks. That is still undecided, but for now igniter should do well. Stinger was nice, esp with a dredgey type jund deck but Ghirapur gearcrafter has great value, brings tokens to red without disrupting onslaught. It is essentially the 2/1 sandsteep guy except you always have to choose the token. Hanweir lancer is nice when it has first strike but instant speed removal, which there isn't a ton of in my cube really kills the card. Boggart brute goes along with the hard to block theme and has a nice body for its cost.
Mage-Ring BullyReckless RevelerRubblebelt Maaka > PrickleboarBladetusk Boar > Firefiend ElementalGhitu Slinger > Inner-Flame IgniterVithian Stinger > Ghirapur GearcrafterHanweir Lancer > Boggart Brute

White Origins Update

Kytheon's tactics isn't as splashable but costs 2 less mana and warriors aren't really a thing in the cube where as spellmastery could very likely come up. Rootborn defenses was more of a cutesy replacement for prismatic strands for creatures that could help token strategies but I think I want more auras in here to get heliods pilgrim possibly squeezed in. For now Supression Bonds, a close cousin of Faith's Fetters will go in.
Rush of BattleSuppression BondsRootborn DefensesKytheon's Tactics

White Update

Observant Alseid is slow and not amazing. Ampryn Tactician works really well with tokens or blink. Topan Freeblade is amazing and interactive. Soltari Trooper is non interactive but very good. I am taking it out due to it not being interactive or interesting enough.
Observant AlseidAmpryn TacticianTopan FreebladeSoltari Trooper

Angler over horror

Dauthi horror is a card that must be removed and simply can't be blocked currently in my cube. While alone he is not a super fast clock, he will be a recurring threat and it is something that has low interaction and I'm not sure is right for my cube at the moment. Adding in Gurmag Angler. Even though the mana costs are vastly different, angler can be really strong in the right deck.
Gurmag AnglerDauthi Horror

A cut that hurts

I love fume spitter. I think it is a great card and maybe we will see it return to my cube soon. Plagued Rusalka feels better for my cube in theory. It compliments the Rakdos "Steal and Sac" theme as well as can work with tokens in a pinch.
Plagued RusalkaFume Spitter

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