Mayhem Devil > Rakdos's ReturnEmbercleave > Sulfuric VortexBoros Reckoner > Tajic, Legion's Edge

Setessan Champion > Yavimaya EnchantressVines of Vastwood > The Mending of DominariaGreen Sun's Zenith > Llanowar ElvesForce of Will > UpheavalShipwreck Dowser > ArchaeomancerNiblis of Frost > Tezzeret the SeekerIzzet Charm > ExpansionAugur of Bolas > PalinchronCurious Homunculus > Phyrexian MetamorphDramatic Reversal > Jace, Vryn's ProdigySword of Light and Shadow > Sword of Feast and Famine

Puresteel Paladin > Benalish Marshal

All the heroic variants were in a pretty bad spot, as was mono-white. White should have a more clear-cut aggressive deck that actually feels better drafting. Also I just don't like the sneak-attack type decks in the cube, so they gotta go.
Sneak Attack > Runaway Steam-KinFaerie Guidemother // Gift of the Fae > Venerable KnightNyxborn Shieldmate > Puresteel PaladinAkroan Skyguard > Knight of MeadowgrainKor Spiritdancer > Danitha Capashen, ParagonSelfless Spirit > Fiendslayer PaladinEidolon of Countless Battles > Mirran CrusaderKarametra's Blessing > Kinsbaile CavalierGods Willing > Smothering TitheHeliod's Pilgrim > Silverblade PaladinGriffin Guide > Knight ExemplarHeliod, Sun-Crowned > Ranger-Captain of EosHyena Umbra > Gideon, Ally of ZendikarEthereal Armor > Kytheon, Hero of AkrosFaith Unbroken > Containment PriestPurphoros, Bronze-Blooded > Stormbreath DragonBrute Force > Forked BoltBrute Strength > Mizzium MortarsTitan's Strength > Rift BoltTethmos High Priest > ArmageddonSiona, Captain of the Pyleas > Knight of AutumnDouble Cleave > Figure of DestinyAnax and Cymede > Lightning HelixFeather, the Redeemed > Boros ReckonerHero of the Nyxborn > Ajani VengeantPrecursor Golem > BatterskullZealous Persecution > Aryel, Knight of Windgrace

Ephemerate > Thraben InspectorCast Down > Cabal TherapyDoom Whisperer > Recurring NightmareScourge Devil > Dockside ExtortionistEmry, Lurker of the Loch > Urza, Lord High ArtificerAether Vial > Mana VaultRiftwing Cloudskate > ForbidNegate > Daze

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