Indestructible AuraBlackbloom Rogue // Blackbloom Bog

More cards came in

I am being pressured to put in big green creatures. That is why a couple went in yesterday. I am not sure I will leave them in however. I am not sure also about the strong lifegain emphasis. I think there may be more interesting mechanics I am ignoring.
Huatli's RaptorMoss-Pit SkeletonShockErratic ExplosionWeaponize the MonstersPlummetSerrated ScorpionWords of WarLightning BoltEarthquakeQuillspikeMurderous RedcapGrand ArchitectBody Double

PlummetKogla, the Titan ApeYorvo, Lord of GarenbrigSerrated ScorpionPeer into the AbyssDeliberateFire UrchinLaboratory ManiacGoblin ArtisansTuktuk Rubblefort

Scorch SpitterVito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose

Origin SpellbombReveille SquadVizier of RemediesFireballFinal FlareMakeshift MunitionsKiln FiendErratic ExplosionSpringmantle ClericProud WildbonderTrain of ThoughtCarrion ScreecherVigean HydroponHammer DropperKor CelebrantSplendor Mare

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