Sweet-Gum Recluse is now properly included in the Cube. RIP Craw Wurm, we hardly knew ye.
Craw Wurm > Sweet-Gum Recluse

Trading Post and Throwing Knife never got picked, but Coldsteel Heart will add another fixing option and Hollow One helps emphasize the cycling deck.
Throwing Knife > Coldsteel HeartTrading Post > Hollow One

7 mana too much Vampire too good
Captive Audience > Olivia Voldaren

Craw Wurm

Craw Wurm is just a placeholder for Sweet-Gum Recluse. I'll make the swap as soon as Commander Legends is added to the database.

These three cards were just always bad and needed replacements right away
Umezawa's Charm > DismemberCaptive Flame > Go for BloodQuakefoot Cyclops > Skarrgan Hellkite