Update 1.7

adding Muktiplayer specific cards
Silverwing SquadronFlamerush Rider > Embereth SkyblazerWildwood Scourge > Steelbane HydraScute SwarmChittering WitchMace of the ValiantEternal Isolation

Update 1.6

Niv-Mizzet, ParunSphinx of Lost TruthsMurmuring Mystic

Update 1.6

Add Equipments for Aggro Decks and Equip Theme
Sharpened PitchforkBrawler's PlateButcher's CleaverEmpyrial Plate

Update 1.5

support Flyer Archtype in Azorious
Temmet, Vizier of NaktamunPristine SkywiseShinechaserResplendent Griffin

Update 1.4

database update
Keeper of the Accord

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