==yes.== maja, bretagard... usher of the fallen poison the cup (evtl für murder) clarion spirit ravenform boreal outrider run ashore > turn into a pumpkin snakeskin veil giants amulet binding of the old gods > deathsprout valley of wandering glow (translate) ==maybe baby== avalanche caller pifering hawk (>agent of bolaz) sheperd of the cosmos Foretell: demon bolt, behold the universe, saw it coming feed the serpent fall of the impostor bloodsky berserker path to the world tree snow duals ==general considerations== GR Slot for 1 more Gruul creature constellation support (GW) flyers role players archetype: elves ==Elves== harald, king of skemfar skemfar shadowsage scuptor of winter

Barter in Blood > Cry of the Carnarium

Omenspeaker > Skyship Plunderer

Trollbred Guardian > Silverback Shaman

Territorial ScythecatSyr Faren, the Hengehammer

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