Child of AlaraUrza, Academy HeadmasterAbyssal SpecterHypnotic SpecterDuplicantSmuggler's Copter

Turn to MistNightveil SpecterPain MagnificationGrand Warlord RadhaGrowing RanksAyli, Eternal PilgrimBred for the HuntNivix CyclopsOutlaws' MerrimentDrown in FilthGideon JuraHunted WitnessImpulseThirst for KnowledgeLanguishMurderous Rider // Swift EndFlame SlashKrark, the ThumblessHarmonizeOath of Druids

Make a StandInspired ChargeLava DartHungry FlamesBake into a PieGrisly Spectacle

Costly PlunderBuried Alive

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