Miscellaneous Updates

Between Ikoria, Mystery Boosters and M21, I managed to get a couple of additional cards I somehow had missed before. This meant making some difficult cuts, but each of the cards I'm adding seems very powerful, so I'm overall pretty happy with this update.
Plumes of Peace > Migratory RouteWinding Constrictor > Twinblade AssassinsHorizon Chimera > Parcelbeast

Zendikar Rising Update

Zendikar Rising had a lot of Uncommons meant to support their own Limited environment, but a couple of them turned out to actually be pretty nice for my Cube. Murasa Rootgrazer is veruy aggressively costed for its effects and Umana Mystic slides very well into the existing Izzet archetypes.
Huatli's Raptor > Murasa RootgrazerHypothesizzle > Umara Mystic

Magic 2021 Update

I'm using Magic 2021 as an opportunity to slightly solidify a couple of archetypes and clean up some of the least convincing cards. Watcher of the Spheres is just a great card and really a key new component for the Flyers deck, while cutting Voltaic Brawler in favor of Leafkin Avengers allows me to remove all traces of Energy from the Cube, while also adding a new card that works well on its own and even better with its friends.
Dramatic Rescue > Watcher of the SpheresVoltaic Brawler > Leafkin Avenger

Ikoria Update

Ikoria had some very interesting new cards for the Multicolor Cube. Even though I had to avoid some of the new cards, as they prominently featured Hybrid Mana as a key component - which is something I'm purposely avoiding in this Cube - I'm quite happy with the few new toys we got.
Hidden Stockpile > Dire TacticsDrooling Groodion > Skull ProphetMinotaur Illusionist > Sprite Dragon

Theros: Beyond Death Update

Theros: Beyond Death is a set with a ton of themes and ideas going on. Unfortunately, the strong Enchantment focus prevented me from going all-in with many of the new cards. That being said, the set still featured a couple of great cards for the Cube, which will hopefully help solidifying existing deck archetypes. At the same time, I'm taking the opportunity to remove a couple of very strong cards from Dominaria which, despite being very powerful, more often than not could lead players into assuming certain tribes were more supported than they actually are.
Adeliz, the Cinder Wind > Mischievous ChimeraSlimefoot, the Stowaway > Acolyte of Affliction

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