Sword of Sinew and Steel

More mana rocks

The cube has been feeling a bit mana ramp light recently, so I'm adding back in the signets, at least until we see what kinds of ramp commander legends offers.
Deputy of DetentionDetention SphereDreadboreLast One StandingEmbereth Shieldbreaker // Battle DisplayCurse of OpulenceSkyclave RelicAzorius SignetDimir SignetRakdos SignetGruul SignetSelesnya SignetOrzhov SignetIzzet SignetGolgari SignetBoros SignetSimic Signet

Some minor swaps

Just posting some swaps of cards that I noticed while performing my zendikar changes. Some I think represent cards that were early edh staples back when I built the cube in 2012, but have since "aged out" of the edhrec-top 100 card pool. I'm not certain how permanent a lot of these will be; this feels like making a lateral move with cards and just seeing if this feels slightly better. Some other switches here represent slower, tectonic changes I am making to the overall colors and supported archetypes, aligning them more with my cube group and personal play-style preferences. Finally, I expect commander legends will probably shake up the format a bit, so I think I'm also moving some pieces into place while waiting for the next tech for each guild or cmc slot to surface.
Thalia, Heretic CatharMentor of the MeekSakashima the ImpostorGlasspool Mimic // Glasspool ShoreKeiga, the Tide StarNezahal, Primal TideKiki-Jiki, Mirror BreakerTorbran, Thane of Red FellRal ZarekRal, Storm Conduit

Zendikar Rising changes pt 1

There are a few more minor changes I plan to make, pending the acquisition of a few more cards and consideration of cuts. Overall, I'm trying to slightly increase the proportion of creatures in the cube as most of my decks here on cubetutor feel a bit spell-heavy for my taste.
Angel of FinalityAlms CollectorImpulseThieving SkydiverSavage BeatingMoraug, Fury of AkoumDeathrenderLithoform EngineSphinx's RevelationTeferi, Time RavelerJhoira of the GhituJhoira, Weatherlight Captain

M21 Changes

Potential future changes: Looking for a home for Teferi's Ageless Insight. Will probably slot in Elder Gargadon too, when I get my hands on a copy.
Radha, Heart of KeldWort, the RaidmotherMangara, the DiplomatAjani SteadfastFierce GuardianshipCapsizeSee the TruthRecurring InsightBarrin, Tolarian ArchmageWhirler RogueLiliana's Standard BearerArmy of the DamnedChandra, Torch of DefianceTreasure NabberChandra's IncineratorThundermaw HellkiteTheater of HorrorsDeathbringer ThoctarMazemind TomeHedron Archive

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