Fixing List to Actual

This is an update to fix the cubetutor list to actual card list. Not happy with the changes or the list at the moment. I planned on making large archetype changes (multi color focus) but have decided against that. Instead I am going to try and update it like I should have.
Cast Out > Banishing LightSupreme Will > ImpulsePlague Belcher > Vampire NighthawkBraids, Cabal Minion > TombstalkerCollective Brutality > Chainer's EdictDamnation > Yahenni's ExpertiseEidolon of the Great Revel > Abbot of Keral KeepGlorybringer > Greater GargadonChandra, Flamecaller > Sarkhan, the DragonspeakerAbrade > Magma JetThe Scarab God > Ashiok, Nightmare WeaverConcealed Courtyard > Caves of KoilosInspiring Vantage > Battlefield ForgeAjani Vengeant > Lightning Helix

Big Update In Progress - ETA 1-2 months

I am looking to do a complete overhaul of this cube in the coming months. Like half the cube. This is primarily to try new archetypes that I don't think have enough support at larger cube sizes but might work at this smaller size. Excited, but this is going to take some time.

XLN Update

Update for XLN (and C17). C17 was awesome for commander, but unimpressive for cube. Excited about Fractured Identity. Seems to be perfect for the guild. ZLN is exciting as a set, and a decent update for cube as well. Legion's Landing has impressed me in every deck I have played with it. Its not flashy, but solid. Angel of Condemnation sucks. It looks on paper to be everything you want, but it just does perform. So Mirror Entity is back in until I find something better. Chart a Course seems perfect for cube. I like Into the Roil but I just think its too weak at this cube size. Search for Azcanta is stupid good. I originally was not high on this card, but that is because I thought the front was an ETB not every upkeep (remember to read the fucking card). Baral's Expertise just never seems good enough. Ruin Raider is a new bob like effect that is not obviously bad so it gets tested. In the past, enough of these have been shit that I am reserving judgement until tested. Hazoret the Fervent just didn't perform well in my cube. I think another vortex like effect in Rampaging Ferocidon will help red. Green has always been crippled by the 'No search or shuffle' rule. Ripjaw Raptor and Carnage Tyrant should help a bit. Still looking for another good 1 or 2 drop ramp effect that does not search. Regisaur Alpha seems at least as good as Arlinn Kord and probably better on average. Lotleth Troll is not what I want from the golgari section and Vraska, Relic Seeker is exactly what I wanted. I will need to keep an eye on if she is too powerful. Memory Jar is a pet card that has been outclassed for awhile now, and Treasure Map is one of my new favorite cards.
Dragon Hunter > Legion's LandingAngel of Condemnation > Mirror EntityInto the Roil > Chart a CourseBaral's Expertise > Search for AzcantaPhyrexian Arena > Ruin RaiderHazoret the Fervent > Rampaging FerocidonSylvan Advocate > Ripjaw RaptorKessig Prowler > Carnage TyrantReflector Mage > Fractured IdentityArlinn Kord > Regisaur AlphaLotleth Troll > Vraska, Relic SeekerMemory Jar > Treasure Map

Driven // Despair sucks

It seemed like it could be fun, but never made the cut
Driven // Despair > Lotleth Troll

HOU update

Some additional changes at the same time.
Mirror Entity > Angel of CondemnationBanishing Light > Cast OutImpulse > Supreme WillVampire Nighthawk > Plague BelcherChainer's Edict > Collective BrutalityYahenni's Expertise > DamnationTombstalker > Braids, Cabal MinionMagma Jet > AbradeAbbot of Keral Keep > Eidolon of the Great RevelGreater Gargadon > GlorybringerSarkhan, the Dragonspeaker > Chandra, FlamecallerAshiok, Nightmare Weaver > The Scarab GodKessig Wolf Run > Arlinn KordLotleth Troll > Driven // DespairLightning Helix > Ajani VengeantBattlefield Forge > Inspiring VantageCaves of Koilos > Concealed Courtyard

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