Third Night

It's been a while since I've cube drafted, and on 3/4/17 I was able to draft Darkest Night at AF Books in Frankfort, IL with full deployment for the first time. Players and colors: Matt W - R/B Vampires, 2-1 Matt B - R/B, 3-0 Wyatt - G/u/b, 1-2 Mike R - W/B, 1-2 Justin - U/B, 2-1 Ben - U/B 2-1 Beez - B/R, 1-2 Mike P - G/B/u Treefolk, 0-3 Everyone enjoyed drafting the cube and overall had fun, so already that's a win. Thoughts from players: - While Green has some great ramp spells, there's not a lot of payoff for having a lot of mana. - There are several reanimation cards and effects, but nothing really huge worth getting. - Red has a few too many efficient haste creatures. - Green's power level is below the other colors. My thoughts / Watchlist: - I'm taking Mindshrieker off of the Watchlist as it's small size and cost for its ability make it easy to deal with. Ashiok did a lot of work, so s/he'll be staying on the list. Didn't get any substantial data on Geralf or Drownyard so they'll remain on the list for now. - Ben suggested rather than nerf Red, try to raise the other colors a bit. After looking at how Red split among three players, I feel that it's level of cards is good and I'll definitely try to improve the others. That's all for now, updated list coming soon!

Moon Prism Power.

Eldritch Moon is here. I really like the set as a whole and feel that there's a fair number of cards that could fit into Darkest Night. Madness, Delirium, and DFC's are still off the table, but check out the link to Darkest Night's big brother, Another Night, in the blog post below. Here's the short list of cards I like: //white Guardian of Pilgrims Selfless Spirit Spectral Reserves //blue Ingenious Skaab //black Cemetery Recruitment Dark Salvation Graf Harvest Haunted Dead Stromkirk Condemned Wailing Ghoul //red Impetuous Devils Incendiary Flow //green Clear Shot Somberwald Stag Ulvenwald Observer //multi Campaign of Vengeance Gisa and Geralf Lastly, has anyone played with Goldnight Castigator? I haven't played with it and I'm curious how she fares versus say... Impetuous Devils.

Another Night.

I've decided to give DFC's and Madness a try. I cloned Darkest Night and created a second cube: "Another Night." Since there's so many cards to add, rather than remove and replace a majority of the cards, I've simply decided (for now) to push Another Night into the region of 540 cards. I'm still in the process of getting there, and thus haven't thought about how the cards will interact, what's broken, etc. Aside from the size increase, the other big change is the move to a Singleton Cube. Just something I'm looking at trying out. Anyway, here's Another Night.

"New" tag.

Added a "New" tag so you can easily identify changes to the cube when new sets come out and/or I make major changes!

Red Dead Shadows over Darkest Night

Finally picked up all the cards IRL to make the changes to the cube. Oddly enough, the last one was Inner Struggle as I've yet to open it. Also included is the addition of Skullcrack. It provides some life-gain hate that Sulfuric Vortex supported, and also had the added bonus of turning off Protection... I know it's a narrow use for the card, but I know I've killed a Master of Waves with red combat damage after casting Wild Slash, so you'll make it work.
Deadapult > Inner StruggleFaithless Looting > Goldnight CastigatorHeirs of Stromkirk > Dance with DevilsHeckling Fiends > Sin ProdderFireball > Burn from WithinSulfuric Vortex > Skullcrack

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