Aaaand down to 405. The colorless section still had enough cards that were pretty useless. Pierce Strider is now gone as well, so no more useless colorless aggro four drops. Basalt Monolith is such a narrow card, it only fits into a green super ramp deck and overall Worn Powerstone and Hedron Archive plus a bunch of green cards that generate 2 mana are enough for that. Bane of Bala Ged isn't needed in ramp, too risky as a control finisher and there are better reanimator targets as well. Guardian Idol is the least useful mana rock (and I still have plenty of those), it's pretty much only needed for sweeper control. Untethered Express is a powerful card, but ultimately you can't have that many vehicles in a deck and it's yet again an aggressive 4 cmc card. Renegade Freighter is more easily playable.
Pierce StriderBasalt MonolithBane of Bala GedGuardian IdolUntethered Express

Also, I'll give Fire Covenant another try. Now that Cast Down is in the cube Terminate seems like a bit too much 2 cmc unconditional removal and the Rakdos sweeper control archetype won't mind a bit more support.
Terminate > Fire Covenant

Of course forgot one card. Feaster of Fools was just a placeholder for the most part. I still like the design, but it's certainly one of the weakest and most narrow black cards.
Feaster of Fools

After looking for cards that aren't really needed in my cube I found out that there is at least one card per color and multiple colorless cards that fit the bill. Instead of trying to find replacements for those that may end up being just as useless I instead decided to shrink my cube to 410 cards. If we'll get a really cool expansion that gives me a lot of new cards I want to add I may increase the size again, but for now this feels like the best solution. The Vivid lands are pretty meh and with all the universally playable mana fixing lands in my cube they aren't really needed. So instead of running five Vivids I will add a single Grand Coliseum instead - I don't have a rare land yet (while I have one rare in each color and one rare artifact) and this is a perfect replacement for the Vivids. Galvanic Juggernaut isn't terrible, but if there is one type of card that I have no shortage of it's aggressive four drops. Aggro decks only need 3-4 of those and thus the Juggernaut doesn't make it into a deck very often. Pierce Strider is still a decent option for non-red decks and it can at least be serviceable in a blink deck as well. Deadwood Treefolk is one high cmc creature too much. GB graveyard decks play Baloth Null instead, ramp decks have enough better options. Keldon Champion is another 4 cmc aggro creature and red has no shortage of those. It's probably the worst or least versatile option there is in red. Plus it has a CC cost, which makes it hard to splash. Waterfront Bouncer can be good under some very specific circumstances, but usually discarding a card to bounce a creature isn't worth it. Test of Faith is a decent combat trick, but it's too situational. Some other changes: Darkblast is very situational, it can be backbreaking if your opponent has a lot of good x/1s, but it's terrible if your opponent has none of these or only tokens. Black is a removal heavy color and thus I think it's not a bad idea to another universally playable, unconditional removal card with Cast Down. Ghostly Flicker is mostly a weak version of Ephemerate, it needs a very specific situation and/or setup to shine. Now that I have Soulherder, Erratic Portal and Ephemerate in the cube I don't feel the need to run one of the weaker spells as the blink/bounce archetype has enough support. Instead I'll add Cloudkin Seer, which is a great value card that fits into pretty much every blue deck possible.
Vivid CragVivid GroveVivid CreekVivid MarshVivid MeadowGrand ColiseumGalvanic JuggernautDeadwood TreefolkKeldon ChampionWaterfront BouncerTest of FaithDarkblast > Cast DownGhostly Flicker > Cloudkin Seer

Band Together will work like unconditional instant speed removal for 3 mana in most cases, which is great for green and simply better than Nature's Way.
Nature's Way > Band Together

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