Non-Commander Legends Update

Raven's Crime > DivestOblivion Strike > Drown in SorrowInnocent Blood > Parting ThoughtsCabal Interrogator > Ravenous HarpyIndulgent Tormentor > Weaponcraft EnthusiastBand Together > Cartouche of StrengthStrangleroot Geist > Devoted DruidBarkhide Troll > Manaweft SliverSaddled Rimestag > Voyaging SatyrFertilid > Farhaven ElfTishana's Wayfinder > Wood ElvesCentaur Chieftain > Fierce EmpathHowl of the Night Pack > Howling GiantErhnam Djinn > Wrecking BeastHooting Mandrills > Walker of the GroveMerchant of the Vale // Haggle > Fireblade ChargerWar-Name Aspirant > Foundry Street DenizenElectrickery > Frenzied GoblinBy Force > Scorch SpitterBlood Mist > Viashino PyromancerClash of Titans > Hordeling OutburstBelltower Sphinx > Merfolk TricksterPsychic Spiral > Mist RavenSphinx's Tutelage > NeutralizeTeferi's Tutelage > Siren StormtamerPianna, Nomad Captain > Topan FreebladeSplendor Mare > Martyr's SoulGryff's Boon > Sentinel's EyesProud Wildbonder > Burning-Tree EmissaryElite Guardmage > Staggering InsightSpontaneous Combustion > Fire CovenantBlast from the Past > Bombardment

Commander Legends Update

Soul Snuffers > Tormod, the DesecratorHowlgeist > Annoyed AltisaurGarruk's Packleader > Halana, Kessig RangerConclave Naturalists > Natural ReclamationSpike Feeder > Numa, Joraga ChieftainSkizzik > Boarding PartyWarcry Phoenix > Breeches, Brazen PlundererPyrewild Shaman > Coastline MaraudersFire Imp > Toggo, Goblin WeaponsmithTide Skimmer > Siani, Eye of the StormReverent Hoplite > Alharu, Solemn RitualistAven Gagglemaster > Anointer of ValorEmissary of Sunrise > Kinsbaile CourierFalconer Adept > Prava of the Steel LegionBlessed Alliance > Slaughter the StrongAshiok, Dream Render > Araumi of the Dead TideBlood Cultist > Juri, Master of the RevueFlame-Kin Zealot > Reyav, Master SmithBreaker of Armies > Maelstrom Colossus

No Kings Update

The general consensus about Monarch was that it made games too similar. I also used the opportunity to squeak in a few more Wizards.
Palace Sentinels > Wall of OmensPalace Jailer > Rhox VeteranLight of Hope > Daring SkyjekEverdawn Champion > Phantom NomadArchetype of Courage > Pianna, Nomad CaptainPlover Knights > Answered PrayersRemove Soul > ExcludeThorn of the Black Rose > Marsh FlitterTragic Slip > DefileMarsh Casualties > Bile BlightEssence Extraction > MurderStab Wound > Ribbons of NightGoblin Banneret > Ghitu LavarunnerVithian Stinger > Prodigal PyromancerBlood Ogre > Spiteful PranksterSlash Panther > SkizzikLava Serpent > MagmawEntourage of Trest > Hooting MandrillsBorderland Ranger > Springbloom DruidLeaf Gilder > Paradise DruidGarruk's Companion > Saddled RimestagBitterbow Sharpshooters > Embodiment of InsightKnights of the Black Rose > Imperious OligarchDire Fleet Warmonger > Blood CultistGorgon's Head > Gorgon Flail

Wizard Update

I have always been reluctant to add any tribal support as I already have 1 (& 1/2) other tribal cubes. Once upon a time the token generating Elf lord was in and ransacked back to back drafts so I cut it and haven’t reconsidered until now. In Return to Back to Zendikar (or whatever) we got a fun new adaptation for Izzet Spells. Rockslide Sorcerer, Windrider Wizard and Umara Mystic have added the word Wizard in with the normal Instant/Sorcery triggers. Blue has 13 Wizards, red and black 3, white 1. Gold has 11 with being Azorius. From there Exclusion Mage over the jellyfish becomes obvious, as is Thought Courier over the fishfolk. After that I snuck in a bunch more as well as some other goodies. Goodies in the form of 2 rares rarity shifted in Vintage Masters. More Wizards in the future for sure.
Merfolk Looter > Thought CourierMan-o'-War > Exclusion MageFumble > Aether AdeptPestermite > FatestitcherJhessian Thief > Prodigal SorcererMistral Singer > Vedalken AnatomistJeskai Elder > Azure MageCloudgoat Ranger > Dawnglare InvokerCelestial Crusader > Azorius JusticiarSwallow Whole > Splendor MareBasilica Screecher > Cabal InterrogatorBloodflow Connoisseur > Apprentice NecromancerTormented Soul > Changeling OutcastRal's Outburst > Izzet StaticasterHypothesizzle > Prophetic BoltRelentless Raptor > Goblin TrenchesDiscovery > Dimir Guildmage

Zendikar Rising Update

Hella stoked on these lands. Hella pissed the black ones suck.
Cenn's Tactician > Canyon JerboaSyndic of Tithes > Fearless FledglingMarrow Shards > Sejiri Shelter // Sejiri GlacierSandblast > Kabira Takedown // Kabira PlateauRousing Read > Windrider WizardForbidden Alchemy > Silundi Vision // Silundi IsleFleshbag Marauder > Demon's DiscipleHeartless Act > Bloodchief's ThirstGrasp of Darkness > Feed the SwarmFiery Temper > Roil EruptionCinder Hellion > Rockslide SorcererBalduvian Horde > Kazuul's Fury // Kazuul's CliffsSanctuary Smasher > Song-Mad Treachery // Song-Mad RuinsRegrowth > Bala Ged Recovery // Bala Ged SanctuaryCharge of the Forever-Beast > Khalni Ambush // Khalni TerritoryMigration Path > Vastwood SurgeWinding Way > Adventure AwaitsThundering Chariot > Relic GolemThundering Djinn > Umara Mystic

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