The Throne of Eldraine Update

Lots of changes... can't wait to set Syr Konman on people!
Phantasmal BearPhyrexian GargantuaCloud of FaeriesMaulfist RevolutionaryConclave NaturalistsOutland BoarWild GrowthWild MongrelOverwhelmed ApprenticeSyr Konrad, the GrimFaerie VandalFierce WitchstalkerKeeper of FablesGrumgully, the GenerousAdventurous ImpulseNoose Constrictor

One M20 Update

A single update where we swap a vampire for a vampire. Vampire Lacerator involved life loss, which turned the kids off it. Much as it's an aggresive Sui Black card, it wasn't getting much run. Vampire of the Dire Moon is every bit as good, but probably plays a longer game. It'll be interesting to see how it goes!
Vampire LaceratorVampire of the Dire Moon

Glassdust HulkThunderclap Wyvern

One Little Modern Horizons Update

Poor little Wild Nacatl was suffering from people never drafting three colours (let alone Naya). It was never being resolved as a 3/3, and was being outclassed by other creatures as a result. So instead, let's teach our n00bs about the greatness of Spore Frog, the little frog that could. I look forward to someone drafting Golgari and fogging for BG every turn using Haunted Crossroads!
Wild NacatlSpore Frog

Time For The WAR Update!

Finally around to this, but it's a pretty simple update for now. Obviously, there are a pile of awesome Peasant-legal planeswalkers we could put in here... but this is a cube for n00bs. Are they too complex? Is there enough in here to deal with them if we put them in? All questions we're still considering. Until then, Return to Nature was strictly better than Naturalize, we got a pretty FNM Cast Down (which, in this cube, is strictly better than Doom Blade), and none of the kids wanted to run Jackal Pup at all ever, so Burning Prophet came in for a trial.
Jackal PupDoom BladeNaturalizeBurning ProphetReturn to NatureCast Down

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