Zendikar Rising Testing List

Other tests: Nimble Obstructionist > Sea Gate Restoration Daretti, Scrap Savant > Shatterskull Smashing Eureka > Turntimber Symbiosis
Thalia's Lancers > Emeria's Call // Emeria, Shattered SkyclaveLuminous Broodmoth > Skyclave ApparitionBarrin, Tolarian Archmage > Sea Gate StormcallerGod-Eternal Kefnet > Thieving SkydiverPlaguecrafter > Nighthawk ScavengerDoom Whisperer > Nullpriest of OblivionLiliana, Heretical Healer > Skyclave ShadeLanguish > Agadeem's Awakening // Agadeem, the UndercryptFeldon of the Third Path > Kargan IntimidatorRegrowth > Bala Ged Recovery // Bala Ged Sanctuary

M21 Test List & Old Additions

Stormblood Berserker > Heartfire ImmolatorVerdurous Gearhulk > Elder GargarothSearch for Azcanta > Shark TyphoonLutri, the Spellchaser > Saheeli, Sublime ArtificerNissa, Steward of Elements > Hydroid KrasisThirst for Knowledge > Barrin, Tolarian Archmage

Ikoria Tests and Inclusions

Acidic Slime > Vivien, Monsters' AdvocateSaheeli, Sublime Artificer > Lutri, the SpellchaserGo for the Throat > Heartless ActGisela, the Broken Blade > Luminous BroodmothMemory Jar > Fabled PassageGod-Eternal Oketra > Thalia's LancersStromkirk Noble > Jackal Pup

Ikoria Test List

Acidic Slime > Vivien, Monsters' Advocate Saheeli, Sublime Artificer > Lutri, the Spellchaser Go for the Throat > Heartless Act Backlogged changes: Memory Jar > Fabled Passage God-Eternal Oketra > Thalia's Lancers Stromkirk Noble > Jackal Pup Vivien, Monsters' Advocate is a double-pip planeswalker for 5, which makes it much more playable than her closest comparison, Garruk, Primal Hunter. In addition, she is good both on both offense and defense. Planeswalkers are routinely vulnerable to small fliers, and being able to create Beasts with Reach helps to dampen that weakness substantially. Her -2 is also incredibly powerful; it triggers on cast, so even if the initial creature is countered, the tutored creature will still hit play. I really like the toolbox aspect of the card, and there's no shortage of creature combinations that can result in highly synergistic plays Lutri, the Spellchaser plays like a Conspiracy card, so the only reason for my rating of 2.5 is that I feel my players will get bored of the gimmick, as will I. On a basis of power level alone, Lutri of course meets that standard. The dreams of Forking a Fireblast, Recall, or Time Walk is there, but even the value play of doubling up on a Lightning Bolt or a Ponder at no cost to deck construction is incredible. Heartless Act is the new hotness, and I'll be testing it over Go for the Throat. I expect it'll function just as well as its predecessor, with the upside of being able to answer Wurmcoil, whatever Metamorph copies, and a clean answer vs Hangerback Walker.

Theros: Beyond Death Tests and Inclusions

Legion Warboss > Phoenix of AshLiliana's Triumph > Agonizing RemorseThief of Sanity > Ashiok, Nightmare Muse

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