I had actually forgotten this change was made. The removal is maybe less flexible, but the blowout potential is very high.
Unexpectedly Absent > Winds of Abandon

I am going to pare back the swords. I don't think static protection is that great of a mechanic. Also the swords are taking up a lot of real estate in the cube. Fabled Passage makes 9 rainbow lands. We are finally close to enough of those effects in a 360 cube. I'm hoping for one more so that we can start choosing from among the best ones.
Sword of War and Peace > Fabled Passage

With Nature's Chant, Council's Judgement, Unexpectedly Absent, Oblivion Ring, and Banishing Light, hopefully Disenchant can be removed...
Disenchant > Giver of Runes

With the addition of Nature's Chant, and the creature based artifact and enchantment removal, having something in green that helps smooth draws for ramp decks should be really nice. Hopefully this helps those decks draw the right half of what they are looking for.
Naturalize > Once Upon a Time

The versatility and value make Bonecrussher Giant // Stomp an undeniable cube staple. Firestorm is a unique effect, but the cost of discarding cards was often too high.
Firestorm > Bonecrusher Giant // Stomp

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