I'll be updating the stack on Cube Cobra from now on. http://cubecobra.com/cube/list/5f5a96287640630fb576446c

Nullmage Shepherd > Nightmare Shepherd

Chemister's Insight is quite good, but still probably worse than Dig Through Time, so it can come back in. The version of Everythingamajig being added is the one that has Mirror Mirror's ability.
Careful Consideration > Chemister's InsightMirror Mirror > EverythingamajigPurgatory > Nullmage ShepherdAngelheart Vial > Dream TrawlerNecromancer's Covenant > Underworld SentinelEssence of the Wild > Grasping Giant

A sleeve broke.
Risky Move

Archfiend of Despair and Over My Dead Bodies had a tendency to just immediately end the game. Suncrusher made games tedious. Luminate Primordial was the best removal spell in the stack. Regenesis is strictly worse than Once and Future. Chemister's Insight is almost strictly better than Desperate Ravings and Enhanced Awareness.
Arguel's Blood Fast > Depose // DeployOver My Dead Bodies > Ghired, Conclave ExileSuncrusher > Nightmare UnmakingArchfiend of Despair > Drakuseth, Maw of FlamesMarch of Souls > The Cauldron of EternitySigil of the New Dawn > Backdraft HellkiteKamahl, Pit Fighter > Realm-Cloaked Giant // Cast OffBarter in Blood > Taste of DeathAssemble the Legion > Archfiend of SpiteLuminate Primordial > Elsha of the InfiniteOloro, Ageless Ascetic > Marisi, Breaker of the CoilNissa's Revelation > Scroll of FateChemister's Insight > Bane of ProgressRegenesis > Kadena's Silencer

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