Throne of Eldraine Update!

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Commander 2019 Update

Don't think Apex Altisaur is a better big guy then Terastodon, but my playgroup doesn't like the elephant anyway. I'm most excited about testing the snake. I have a too high density of green mana creatures and I value the cheaper ones higher then Wood Elves. Blast Zone sat in sideboards most of the time. I've heard Scroll of Fate has been testing well, figured it's interesting enough to warrant testing. I've thought about testing History for a long time now. Almost being bulk mythic price is a good a time to try it.
Blast Zone > Scroll of FateWood Elves > Ohran FrostfangTerastodon > Apex AltisaurJourney to Nowhere > History of Benalia

Friend recommend I try Tamiyo

Trygon Predator > Tamiyo, Collector of Tales

Diregraf Ghoul > Knight of the Ebon Legion

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